Joni Taylor’s Triple Play

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Guys I’m going to be perfectly honest with you; I have not been to the gym or worked out since January 26th; this year of course. And as I stated in a previous blog; I feel bad, but not that bad. That was until today. Thank you, ESPN College Gameday. Now before I go on any further, I feel like it’s my responsibility to at least explain why I have not been to the gym. I have, what I believe to be an acute shoulder strain, which causes extreme and painful sensations that reverb throughout my shoulder and arm. And no, I am not saying this for anyone to feel sympathy for me; but I dare you to find someone tougher. Well maybe there is this one person: Joni Taylor. If you don’t know who this woman is, let me explain. But first I’d like to say congratulation to Coach Joni Taylor and again, thanks ESPN College Gameday (wink, wink).

Joni Taylor is the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs Women’s Basketball team, which by the way is in the great state of Georgia. But I am guessing that the name probably gave its location away. Also, if you have been following my blogs you know that I love pretty much every sports organization in my birth state. Yet, that is not the reason for this post. The reason for this post is to provide you with a  little bit of motivation to not complain about the fact that you may be a tad bit tired.

Coach Taylor, in her 4th season of leading the Lady Bulldogs, is hoping to have her team finish out the season strong and make a run in the SEC Women’s Tournament to ensure a birth in the NCAA Tournament.  Speaking of birth, which leads me close to the purpose of this post. Coach Taylor coached her Bulldogs to a victory against SEC foe Mississippi Bulldogs, and within a 12-hour span gave birth to her and her husband’s second daughter. First and foremost, congrats to the family’s new addition and on the win; but what is more impressive is that two days after the birth, Coach Taylor was back on the sideline cheering her team on. Suddenly, my shoulder is a little less painful.

Here’s the thing. When I was a young man, I witnessed these kinds of feat; not from a women’s basketball coach, but from my mother. Day and in day out she put off illness, tiredness, and her own pleasures to root all of us in all our endeavors. These is while working a full-time job and at times with little to no support. Through her actions and numerous sacrifices, we all were able to see what perseverance, what dedication, and what putting others before self looks like. Ironically, as I am typing this portion of the post, it seems like my shoulder doesn’t even hurt at all. Well perhaps a little, but hey at least I will be back in the gym with a new sense of purpose and commitment. To Coach Taylor good luck with the team throughout the remaining season and hope to see oru Lady Bulldogs in the NCAA championship game, and I salute you for your strength and dedication. Just not with this arm connected to this shoulder. Not just yet.

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High Time for the Use of CBD

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The date: 2000 (I think). The time: about noon (… I think). The place: Missoula, Montana. Event: Missoula Hempfest.

In August of 2000, Marines from 3/2 were deployed to the usually picturesque state of Montana. Picturesque in that we are talking about the Rocky Mountains. The West is out there somewhere. Elk, Moose, Wolves, and many legends like Bigfoot and other creepy legends call this part of this beautiful part of the country home. Most importantly, Anheuser Busch Beer gets the cold water used to brew its world-renowned beer from out that way (…I think). However, for myself and the other 1000 or so Marines that deployed to this area; the scene was all but picture perfect.

Acres of pristine land and forest were being decimated by raging fires that showed no signs of giving up. After a few weeks, we along with the brave forest fighters and fireman from across the country, was successful in getting the blazes under control. Those are moments that I will never forget and stories that I tell any of my friends who will listen. Of course, the fires gets bigger, hotter, and the stakes always seems to increase; but in the end we were able to get the get the job done.

As a show of gratitude, although we were fed extremely well and sleep under one of the most beautiful skies (Norway’s night sky is quite impressive), we were given a few days of liberty. Some of my friends went to Minnesota, Illinois, and Nevada. Me, being the country boy that I am, decided to try my luck at catching some trout in a local creek or river. That creek or river ending up leading in what looked to be downtown Missoula (…I think) which was having a hempfest. Pause. Because I know what some of you are thinking; “as if the smoke from the fires weren’t enough.” And that is what this blog post is about.

Today while I was getting ready for work, I watched an interesting story on the morning news. The story was about states whose residents are unsure on whether the use of CBD is legal or illegal. Well to the uneducated ones, which I was prior to my fateful day along the banks of the Clarke Fork River (…I think), they will say it’s illegal because it’s just like marijuana. To be honest; they are almost correct. The two plants are almost identical; except hemp does not have the amount of THC within its genetic make up to cause humans to become high. In other words; it’s the smoke without the high. That’s if you smoke it though.

The individuals on the morning news who were utilizing CBD (hemp oil) were not smoking the plant but was digesting it through the form of a capsule. Regardless of the method of use these individuals choose to use the CBD, based on fact that it aided in their improved conditions associated with their illness, the results can’t be denied. From chronic pain due to joint and bone alignments to the proven significant decrease in spasms and pain associated with Multiple sclerosis as well as Parkinson Disease; the time is past due that there clear guidelines, both federally on a state level, that clears the use of CBD. If and when this happens; we are can take the thinking out of the equation. (…I think).

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It Should All Be So Simple…But Then Simple Doesn’t Make Cents.

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33 seconds. A little over ½ of a minute and every stake holder in all things Zion Williamson heart stopped beating and a quietness filled Cameron Indoor Stadium that hasn’t been “unheard” since Miami stunned the Blue Devils in 2012. And before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear; I am not making a mockery of the young man’s injury but at the mockery of the NCAA system that pretends to have the athletes’ best interest at heart yet makes millions off of them and gives athletes the proverbial “pennies” when it’s all said and done. I mean let’s be honest; Zion Williamson should not ever have suited up in the NCAA for the simple reason of what almost transpired on last night.

Luckily it looks like Zion Williamson didn’t suffer a serious injury and more than likely will be ready to suit up, at the latest, for the ACC Tournament beginning March 12. That layoff gives he and his family enough time to hire a PR expert to draft a letter and let the coaching staff and the faithful Dukies know that they appreciate all that the university has done; but they are finished at the amateur…I mean collegiate level. While that last statement may come off as comical; if I’m in Zion’s camp, that is the advice I am giving. I mean it makes sense. It may not make cents for the powers that be; but it most definitely will for Zion and his family.

The truth of the matter is that the hype (though this kid is anything but a bunch of hype) around Zion Williamson has already generated millions for many individuals whose version of a basketball game is a round of horse with the grandkids. Yet, each time he or any other athlete steps foot on the court, field, track, pool, ice, or any of the other sports in college, they are paid. Now if this is considered fair, then we might as well allow the coaches to cash in on lucrative contracts outside of their coaching salaries as well…. hold up my PR is trying to tell me something…. I am told that there are coaches who has had separate deals with major shoe companies for years now. Note to PR…I, like every other individual who follow sports knows this; I was just trying to paint a picture. It seems to me that the ones who are doing the most to generate the income is getting nothing more than some shoes that can’t even stand up to the weight of these athletes who are carrying whole universities with their mind, bodies, and souls. I have a suggestion though, a very simple one in deed, PAY THE PLAYERS OR PUT ALL COACHES AND ATHLETIC DIRECTORS AND PRESIDENTS ON EQUAL FIXED PAY SCALES ACROSS ALL NCAA DIVISIONS. Crickets and more crickets. Because the latter part of that last statement is too simple; about as simple as the first part of the statement. The problem is that it doesn’t make cents.

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More Honey Please

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One of my past morning time favorites was to sip a freshly brewed cup of French Vanilla flavored Folgers coffee. No, Folgers did not make a French vanilla and coffee bean blend (at least not to my knowledge); I would create the concoction after falling in love with French vanilla and cappuccino while living in Tokyo, Japan. Maybe it’s the French cuisine or the vanilla flavor; I can’t truly say or be sure. However, what I am sure of is that my love of coffee dates back to 1985 (sounds like the name of song from the band Chicago). As a young boy, when I would visit my grandmother, within seconds of her waking the small apartment would be filled with the smell of cigarette smoke and freshly brewed coffee. As I sit here and type this, my mind is tricking me into thinking that I can smell that aroma now. Then just like that, the aroma like she, were gone. Oh, how I miss her. As I got older, truthfully more recent, I abandoned and substituted coffee with tea for the most part. And instead of French vanilla, I use honey instead. It’s growing on me. But I often time find myself saying: “more honey please.”

Good morning Pittsburg. I hope you guys have had your good cup of morning coffee because I think that you going to need it. Kevin Colbert, the Steelers’ general manager, said that they will not place the franchise tag on Le’veon Bell. Which means that Bell will become a free agent this upcoming offseason. Bell, 1/3rd of the Killer B’s (Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown makes up the other 2/3rd’s) is without a doubt going to be one of the most sought after offensive players to hit the free agent market in quite some time. Oh, in related news, Antonio Brown and the Steelers’ brass has all but agreed that Brown’s tenure in the Steel City has come to an end and he will most definitely be traded before the start of the 2019 NFL season; preferably  to a team far from the AFC or more precisely the AFC north division for obvious reasons. Thus leaving “Big Ben” as the only remaining member of the Killer B’s. Excuse me guys….”more honey please.”

Steeler Nation, while I am not a fan, I root for your team for a host of reasons. Hines Wards and Jarvis Jones comes to mind, both former Bulldogs, but they are all long gone from the organization.  The other reasons are because the organization epitomize the blue collar mentality associated with the region of the country as well as embracing what sports is all about: teamwork. Yet, through this whole fiasco, which begin with the Bell situation, the organization has not demonstrated the traits that make the Steelers the shining exemplar for other teams to emulate. Hold on…”more honey please.”

So, Roethlisberger is the lone B standing. Just with that statement alone, if I was a Steelers fan I would have a feeling of trepidation. In a beehive, the most important bee is the Queen Bee. Now, I’m no expert on bees, but I know that the other bees will viciously attack anything that threatens the Queen bee. And in return, the Queen bee lays lot of eggs and leaves chemical scents that keep the bee colony a cohesive unit. I would not linger too much with what I typed, but I would definitely make note of that last part of the responsibility of the Queen bee: keep the bee colony as a unit. It is obvious that somewhere along the line the things went awry. And in like any relationship, thing cans turn ugly on a dime. We have all witnessed this phenomenon. However, in this situation it just doesn’t make any sense. And I am not talking about the behaviour of the players; I referring to the decisions of the front office. Ben Roethlisberger is a Hall of Famer for certain, but if the Steelers are asking him to carry them to promise land again; they certainly just crippled an offense that was up and down all season. Both Brown and Bell would have certainly helped out in all phases of the offense while allowing the defense to catch their breathe on the sidelines. But, like my Grandmother would often say: “time will tell.” I just hope that Steeler Nation doesn’t find itself asking for “more honey please.”

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Educators, I Salute You!

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You are awesome. From the god awful time of the morning times that you wake up in the morning, just to jot down on a sticky lying on the night stand an idea or strategy to teach a concept in class the next day so you won’t forget. You are awesome. Each time that you put on your theatrical cap to play a role in order to entertain a group of adolescents into paying attention to something other than the newest and latest gadgets and technological devices. Darn you Fortnight. You are awesome because in spite of those latest gadgets and technological devices, and unbeknownst to the students, you are still able to use those same latest gadgets and technological devices to get them to engage. You are awesome because when so many other adults find that you are an educator, they respond with the classical, “I don’t know how you do it” or “I couldn’t teach these kids these day;” your response is (your fill in the blank but keep it PG please) ____________________. Yet like clockwork, you get up each day and get to the business of educating again. You are awesome because it is understood that while our impact is not compensated handsomely in dollars and cents; we receive a kind of supplemental pay with words of affirmation from parents, grandparents and most importantly our students in the words: “Had it not been for you believing in me, or my child, or my grandchild…” You are awesome because you chose a profession that impacts every profession in the world. You are awesome because you choose to be awesome each day.

You are special. Each time that you are about to engage in a very brief lunch break, and I mean brief; you still answer that knock at your door. Knowing that it is a perhaps student who is in need of something. You are special because on many occasions you forgo your anticipated lunch because you overheard or either your educator’s senses kicked in and you noticed that a student doesn’t look like he or she hasn’t been eating or could be in trouble. You are special because you do not let the words ‘can’t,” ‘no,” or “incapable” fester in your presence; but instead permeate the air with hope and limitless possibilities not just through words but by your actions and deeds. You are special because like a farmer, those seeds that you plant in your students will not return immediate gratification; but in due time with love, care, and nurturing those same seeds will blossom and bring forth good fruit. You are special because you continue to feed humanity one planted seed at a time.

Educators I salute you. If I could give each of you whatever amount of money you ask for; I would without hesitation. However, I painfully and apologetically know that even then that would not be enough. Your worth is invaluable. Your dedication is unmatched. Your effort is without precedence. You are both awesome and special. You are an Educator and if no one else tells you; you are truly appreciated.

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Food makes the run go around. According to Toucan Sam.

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I was watching the Dallas Channel 5 morning News on yesterday and they were talking about the power of music having the ability to break all barriers. And as I’m listening to this particular story while getting ready to leave for work, I was in total agreeance. It is true that music can bring people from all walks of life together in harmonious assemblies as they dance the night away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a concert, a symphony, or a music recital; music is powerful. But what happens when the music stops? This was the question that I posed to myself as I continued to get ready for work. The question did not receive much more thought until today. Not because I didn’t care about the subject; but because the smell of my eggs and chopped baked chicken with onions, which was warming up in the microwave, started to permeate through the air. Then it all made sense. Yes, music does have a certain amount of influence when it comes to bringing humanity together. But there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like the power of food to bring mankind together.

There was a comedian, whose name escapes me, who said that God must have liked barbecue. The reason the comedian said, was because God was always asking for a burnt offering from the best part of the animal being slaughtered. While I won’t dare test my comedic expressions; however I will add that God must have at least liked the smell of barbecue. But then again who doesn’t. Guys I love the taste of good food. And I am not talking about your run of the meal food. I am talking about the proverbial “make you want to slap your momma” good food. I’m talking about the holiday’s meals cooked on a weekly basis type of good. That comfort food. Collard greens, yams, turkey, ham hock, and Brunswick stew good food. That kind of food that makes you look in the mirror and ask yourself “why did I eat all that food?” Only to run to the kitchen when you hear the clanking of another pot. Call it a southern thing.

Then there is the coastal foods with all of it seafood. Guys I remember visiting the great city of New Orleans and consuming so many oysters that I scared myself. I’m not talking about any oysters either. I am talking the ones that can cover the inside of your palm; with all the natural flavoring that comes from the Gulf Coast. Then there was the crab legs, crawfish (crawdads), and the mussels. If you have ever been done to the bayou and experienced any of this then you would agree with me that while eating these foods; you experience your own taste of heaven. Such was the case when I lived in Japan, California, and Florida. Though each location had distinctly different flavor; the food was still amazing. And though I had to give it up (the struggle is real); I would be lying to say I don’t miss it.

Now I am in the great state of Texas. The echo that you heard in your brain when you said that is real; due to the sheer size of the state. You know their motto: “everything is big in Texas.” This is certainly true about the steaks and briskets that they serve out in these part of the country . I am an honest man in all that I do and say; at least I hope I am. But I would be telling a fib if I didn’t say that hands down Texas has the best briskets and the cuts of beef that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. And the flavoring only adds to the lure of it all. You name the herb, spice, or marinade; somewhere in Texas someone has perfected it to match with their excellent grade A cattle.

Now if while you were reading this, you begin to envision yourself either cooking or going to buy something to eat; I can assure that you are not alone. Across the world those of us who are fortunate enough to do so are either anticipating eating, eating, or discussing a time when the meal was so amazing. This simple phenomenon connects us in all in the great phenom called humanity. Yes music is a wonderful thing; but not all of the world likes music. However, and I not a betting man, but you would be hard press to find a single person on earth who does not like food. The next time you are riding in a car and see a person who decides to eat their food while at the red light; watch their reaction when they take a bite. The next time you are at a restaurant and an entrée comes to the table; watch the expression of the individual when their emotions finally recognizes the flavor from their meal. But then again, you don’t have to go to those extremes. All you have to do (if you have been fortunate enough) is recall a conversation that we have either had with yourself, a friend, or a family member about the awesomeness of a delicacy that you have experienced. If you can’t do that my friend; then you need to take a road trip and visit one of these locations I mentioned. If you have a hard to deciding which one; take the advice of Toucan Sam. Just follow your nose.

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Love. It starts with You!

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And so this day again ascends on some of us like a warm bright sun ray climbing up the cold morning sky over a beautiful horizon. Its arrival is both welcoming and majestic. And so this day again comes up to meet some of us as if a cold draft from a Canadian Winter’s storm gripping each corner in which you move. Same date. Same day. Different experiences. Which is why I think that it is important that it is understood that you alone should dictate what this day, and any other day for that matter, will bring you.

I have been on both sides of the equation. Gifts, chocolates, romantic dinners, and John Legend music to set…you get the picture. However, I have also been on the opposite side. Forty ounces of malt liquor, packs of Newport 100 (Cadillacs), and 8 Ball and MJG…you get the picture. And it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that the common factor that determined what mood I would be in from date to date or day to day; stared me in the mirror each day. The truth is that before you can truly fall in love and give love unconditionally to anyone else; you have to love yourself first regardless of your imperfections and your own idiosyncrasies. Trust me guys, that last line was not made up by me. As a matter of fact when I first saw it (it was much more simply stated); it hit me like a ton of bricks. Yet, it has impacted my approach in to everything that I do and how I do it.

So, what is this whole post about? Well, simple. This post is about you. It is about appreciating the bright warm sun rays just as much as a cold Canadian winter storm draft. It is about you loving every day that you get a chance to love, to lose love, to let love find you; but remain steadfast in the knowledge that you should be loved if by no one else but yourself. Yes, this day is amazing. I see and feel the love in the air. I hear it on all the communication mediums as my day unfolds. But don’t you forget that you dictate what and how you love and how you are loved. You may not receive one single gift today; and that is fine. You may receive a ton of gifts today; and that is also fine. However, the greatest gift that you can give to yourself is to crush on you, hug on you, and love you.

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Smoke or Fire?

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I’ve often heard the saying “where there is smoke there is fire.” This cliché was used as an expression when an occurrence happened that caused a significant difference of reasoning or deducing. Not like trying to figure out who is better Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Michael Jackson or Prince. Kenny Rogers or Willie Nelson. Judge Joe Brown or Judge Joe Mathis. You get the point. Those are all non-consequential. To each opinion, his or her own. An individual’s choice in either of these matters will not determine policies, legislation, nor possible imprisonment. Enters the state of Virginia. One of the 13 original colonies. Beautiful coastlines and producer of some of the world’s finest fish and seafood; she is indeed a beautiful state. And though she does rest in between the Atlantic Ocean and the gentile Appalachian Mountains; she has eluded the fire storms which has decimated some of her sister cities on the Pacific Coast. That is until recently.

The current political debacles and incompetence running amuck 3 and ½ hours due north east of the capital city of Virginia, pales in comparison to what her incumbents are desperately trying to maneuver through. There is a governor who has admitted to dressing in black face while in college. The Attorney General soon followed suit; yep he too likes to paint his face and pretend to be black as well. While these acts are not criminalistics in nature, deplorable, but not criminalistics; it has cast a dark cloud over the capitol city and the whole state of Virginia. And then there is the Lt. Governor. Allegations of rape and sexual assault from two women who he admitted to having consensual sex with; has definitely sent out smoke signals to all things media related. However, I would caution against the fire.

An allegation of sexual misconduct and rape are crimes that are not be taken lightly. However, it becomes incumbent on the media outlets to allow the proceeding to materialize in either civil or criminal court. This diligence is not only beneficial for the oncoming investigation (which is most definitely going to happen) but also the accusers and the alleged rapist. Rapist. Whatever your feeling was when you read it, is the same feeling I had when I typed it. Such a strong and negative aura surrounding the word; as it should be. If proven guilty that tag should be forever attached to him for taking away both physically and mentally something that did not belong to him. However, if this crimes are unfounded for whatever reason, he will forever be viewed with suspicion and negativity. In saying that; is there smoke? Absolutely. An allegation of rape alone warrants an investigation. However, two allegations of sexual misconduct to include rape, deserves all the proper judicial attention allegations of this nature is entitled to receive. However, while there is smoke and it looks to be getting smokier by the day; there is no fire.

I like everyone else who is watching this unfolds, should be aware and cautious of a rush to judgement. The precedence has already been set for individuals who have denied, denied, denied to only confess after the screws of their consciousness became too much for them to bear. Then vice versa, there have been those who have accused, accused, accused to only confess after the screws of their consciousness became too much for them to bear. However, in these types of scenarios (rape allegations); the accuser walks away unscathed while the accused will forever be looked at with negativity and curiosity. Again, I reiterate, if these accusations are true, there punishment for the accused should fit the crime regardless of how much money or political backing is involved. However, there has to be consequences for knowingly leveling accusations of this magnitude against someone. This is only fair. At least that is what Judge Brown would say. Or is that Judge Mathis.


If not for you then do it for our love ones.

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I feel off from working out for the last few weeks and to be honest; I feel refreshed. Well, I do feel a bit disappointed in my not going to the gym; but not enough to beat myself up over it. Of course I wish I would have not missed the last few weeks, but as I prep my body for the upcoming work out session; I am convinced that I (especially my shoulder) needed time to recoup; which many of my peers and a few workout buddies were telling me recently. My response was simple. I am a Marine. Although a veteran; I don’t need no stinking rest. Oh contraire, per discomfort of my aching shoulder.

Men, one of the dumbest things that we can say in response to the nagging aches and pains that we often overlook is: “I am a man” or “It will go away.” This has put many of our brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, and fathers in dire health conditions and sometime even much worst. Those minor aches and discomforts many times masks aliments which if detected early, may be remedied by a physician. I am aware that as men, we despise visits to the doctor’s office. It doesn’t matter if it’s a yearly check-up or a bad bout of flu-like symptoms. The visit always end with the same results; meds and miss work days. Trust me, I understand.

Which is perhaps why I am writing this blog. Not so much to encourage you guys to go; but to force myself to go. Yes, I stated earlier in the blog that my shoulder was giving me warning signs that I probably need to seek attention. Well, unlike my stomach which showed me that I needed to lay off several things, my shoulder looked fine. That is until nighttime, when it was time to catch some much needed rest from, yep you guessed it, heavy lifting. The pain was intense, but nothing that a rub down of some military grade prescribed cream couldn’t fix. Wrong! The pain persisted; it even decided to accompany me to the gym. I had to actually clamp down on a towel when working my shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Crazy, I know and I agree. Which is again why I am writing this blog.

I am concerned that the Veteran Affairs will want to have surgery instead of therapy. I am concerned that I will miss days from work. I am concerned about being a burden to others who may have to see about me. It is amazing at the amount of excuses that I have allowed myself to stand in between me and having the doctor at least x-ray the shoulder. Men, we have to take care of our body. If not for us then for the people who depends on us to be there every day for them. So, whether it is nagging ache, persistent headache, or just a check-up; take care of your health and body. Because you can’t live without it.

Still the King’s Court!

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Trade or no trade. If you think that LeBron James is going to let the Laker’s tank the rest of the season, then you must not have watched his work on the court over the last decade and a half. After a 42 point blow out again the Pacers, who are without Victor Oladipo, the rumblings began to echo from Akron to Los Angeles. Every sports pundit who have made a career by finding faults in James, for whatever reason, ramped up criticism by alluding to the possibilities that LeBron was on a decline. That no other NBA stars want to join the Lakers because of him. One would almost think that the way these guys were talking about James is that he had personally destroyed their favorite franchise. Then it occurred to me that more than likely he had. Last night was no different.

The Los Angeles Lakes bounced back from their embarrassing 42-point loss to beat a Boston Celtics by the score of 129-128. A Celtic team that by the way were on on a 5-game winning streak. In a game that early on appeared that the Celtics may run away with, the Lakers’ bench began to close the gap and almost erased an 18-point deficit to close out the first half. However, it was LeBron James’ commanding orchestration of the Lakers’ offense in the 3rd quarter that got the starters going; while at the same time taking the Celtic’s raucous crowd out of the equation. James’ 7 assists in the quarter kept the usually stout Celtic’s defense off track and forced them to match the Lakers bucket for bucket just to keep the game within 10 points. While the 4th quarter of this game may well be the best 4th quarter in the NBA this season; in the end it was the aura of unselfishness, which was demonstrated by James earlier in the game that was key. Ingram’s pass to Kuzma for the big 3-point bucket in the 4th and Chandler’s tip to Rondo for the game winner; again it was nothing more than an extension of how the team played after they begin to find each other for the better shot which was spearheaded by James.

I’m sure that the sports’ announcers will find a way to detract from the significance of what LeBron James’ impact had on the team victory since he didn’t take the big shots down the stretch. Just remember, we have heard and witness all of this before; whether in Cleveland or Miami. The naysayers and those whose nostalgic view of the NBA want let them appreciate the greatness of the present. And while I can’t or will never attempt to speak for LeBron James, or any man for the matter; I do think that those views only feed his flame to continue to be great. I mean he did have a triple double. And though I can’t speak for him, perhaps I’ll just use a line from one his close friends to address the haters, being that I think he may be used to it; “it’s politics as usual.” -Jay Z