Food makes the run go around. According to Toucan Sam.

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I was watching the Dallas Channel 5 morning News on yesterday and they were talking about the power of music having the ability to break all barriers. And as I’m listening to this particular story while getting ready to leave for work, I was in total agreeance. It is true that music can bring people from all walks of life together in harmonious assemblies as they dance the night away. It doesn’t matter if it’s a concert, a symphony, or a music recital; music is powerful. But what happens when the music stops? This was the question that I posed to myself as I continued to get ready for work. The question did not receive much more thought until today. Not because I didn’t care about the subject; but because the smell of my eggs and chopped baked chicken with onions, which was warming up in the microwave, started to permeate through the air. Then it all made sense. Yes, music does have a certain amount of influence when it comes to bringing humanity together. But there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like the power of food to bring mankind together.

There was a comedian, whose name escapes me, who said that God must have liked barbecue. The reason the comedian said, was because God was always asking for a burnt offering from the best part of the animal being slaughtered. While I won’t dare test my comedic expressions; however I will add that God must have at least liked the smell of barbecue. But then again who doesn’t. Guys I love the taste of good food. And I am not talking about your run of the meal food. I am talking about the proverbial “make you want to slap your momma” good food. I’m talking about the holiday’s meals cooked on a weekly basis type of good. That comfort food. Collard greens, yams, turkey, ham hock, and Brunswick stew good food. That kind of food that makes you look in the mirror and ask yourself “why did I eat all that food?” Only to run to the kitchen when you hear the clanking of another pot. Call it a southern thing.

Then there is the coastal foods with all of it seafood. Guys I remember visiting the great city of New Orleans and consuming so many oysters that I scared myself. I’m not talking about any oysters either. I am talking the ones that can cover the inside of your palm; with all the natural flavoring that comes from the Gulf Coast. Then there was the crab legs, crawfish (crawdads), and the mussels. If you have ever been done to the bayou and experienced any of this then you would agree with me that while eating these foods; you experience your own taste of heaven. Such was the case when I lived in Japan, California, and Florida. Though each location had distinctly different flavor; the food was still amazing. And though I had to give it up (the struggle is real); I would be lying to say I don’t miss it.

Now I am in the great state of Texas. The echo that you heard in your brain when you said that is real; due to the sheer size of the state. You know their motto: “everything is big in Texas.” This is certainly true about the steaks and briskets that they serve out in these part of the country . I am an honest man in all that I do and say; at least I hope I am. But I would be telling a fib if I didn’t say that hands down Texas has the best briskets and the cuts of beef that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. And the flavoring only adds to the lure of it all. You name the herb, spice, or marinade; somewhere in Texas someone has perfected it to match with their excellent grade A cattle.

Now if while you were reading this, you begin to envision yourself either cooking or going to buy something to eat; I can assure that you are not alone. Across the world those of us who are fortunate enough to do so are either anticipating eating, eating, or discussing a time when the meal was so amazing. This simple phenomenon connects us in all in the great phenom called humanity. Yes music is a wonderful thing; but not all of the world likes music. However, and I not a betting man, but you would be hard press to find a single person on earth who does not like food. The next time you are riding in a car and see a person who decides to eat their food while at the red light; watch their reaction when they take a bite. The next time you are at a restaurant and an entrée comes to the table; watch the expression of the individual when their emotions finally recognizes the flavor from their meal. But then again, you don’t have to go to those extremes. All you have to do (if you have been fortunate enough) is recall a conversation that we have either had with yourself, a friend, or a family member about the awesomeness of a delicacy that you have experienced. If you can’t do that my friend; then you need to take a road trip and visit one of these locations I mentioned. If you have a hard to deciding which one; take the advice of Toucan Sam. Just follow your nose.

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Smoke or Fire?

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I’ve often heard the saying “where there is smoke there is fire.” This cliché was used as an expression when an occurrence happened that caused a significant difference of reasoning or deducing. Not like trying to figure out who is better Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Michael Jackson or Prince. Kenny Rogers or Willie Nelson. Judge Joe Brown or Judge Joe Mathis. You get the point. Those are all non-consequential. To each opinion, his or her own. An individual’s choice in either of these matters will not determine policies, legislation, nor possible imprisonment. Enters the state of Virginia. One of the 13 original colonies. Beautiful coastlines and producer of some of the world’s finest fish and seafood; she is indeed a beautiful state. And though she does rest in between the Atlantic Ocean and the gentile Appalachian Mountains; she has eluded the fire storms which has decimated some of her sister cities on the Pacific Coast. That is until recently.

The current political debacles and incompetence running amuck 3 and ½ hours due north east of the capital city of Virginia, pales in comparison to what her incumbents are desperately trying to maneuver through. There is a governor who has admitted to dressing in black face while in college. The Attorney General soon followed suit; yep he too likes to paint his face and pretend to be black as well. While these acts are not criminalistics in nature, deplorable, but not criminalistics; it has cast a dark cloud over the capitol city and the whole state of Virginia. And then there is the Lt. Governor. Allegations of rape and sexual assault from two women who he admitted to having consensual sex with; has definitely sent out smoke signals to all things media related. However, I would caution against the fire.

An allegation of sexual misconduct and rape are crimes that are not be taken lightly. However, it becomes incumbent on the media outlets to allow the proceeding to materialize in either civil or criminal court. This diligence is not only beneficial for the oncoming investigation (which is most definitely going to happen) but also the accusers and the alleged rapist. Rapist. Whatever your feeling was when you read it, is the same feeling I had when I typed it. Such a strong and negative aura surrounding the word; as it should be. If proven guilty that tag should be forever attached to him for taking away both physically and mentally something that did not belong to him. However, if this crimes are unfounded for whatever reason, he will forever be viewed with suspicion and negativity. In saying that; is there smoke? Absolutely. An allegation of rape alone warrants an investigation. However, two allegations of sexual misconduct to include rape, deserves all the proper judicial attention allegations of this nature is entitled to receive. However, while there is smoke and it looks to be getting smokier by the day; there is no fire.

I like everyone else who is watching this unfolds, should be aware and cautious of a rush to judgement. The precedence has already been set for individuals who have denied, denied, denied to only confess after the screws of their consciousness became too much for them to bear. Then vice versa, there have been those who have accused, accused, accused to only confess after the screws of their consciousness became too much for them to bear. However, in these types of scenarios (rape allegations); the accuser walks away unscathed while the accused will forever be looked at with negativity and curiosity. Again, I reiterate, if these accusations are true, there punishment for the accused should fit the crime regardless of how much money or political backing is involved. However, there has to be consequences for knowingly leveling accusations of this magnitude against someone. This is only fair. At least that is what Judge Brown would say. Or is that Judge Mathis.


If her Eyes are Watching God…I just hope we will listen.

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It was the year 2007, my junior year in college; and I was stuck. Stuck, like so many of the other college students who had ever walked the halls of any institution of higher learning; contemplating and wondering. Finally, no longer contemplating, now just wondering: “what is the easiest non- major course that I can take, so I can use that class, as a study session to focus on my major courses?” Come on now; don’t tell me that I was the only one who did that. Nevertheless, this should have been a simple matter.  Yet, had it had been that simple; I am certain that I would not be blogging about it. With only a half hour before the registration deadline and the fear of picking a non-major course that I would have to actually do work in becoming a reality, I hurriedly hit the register button. “Gender Studies: Feminist Writers in 20th Century”. Now to be honest, I am not sure if that was the university’s name of the class or not. However, at that time, I assumed several things though: that the course was sure to be easy;  and second, was that there would certainly be a lot of women in the class. Well, you know what they say when you make assumptions.

If I were to paint the picture to describe the makeup of the class using the hues and shapes from my memories; I am sure I would be called every name associated with being a male-chauvinistic pig. The fact that I was young and so immature wouldn’t be an excuse; so instead of me focusing on what I lost with memory and age, I’ll tell you what I won’t ever forget. Somewhere over the course of the class the professor introduced us to the often overlooked and forgotten author: Zora Neale Hurston. Overlooked for the obvious reason of being black and forgotten for that very same reason as well; however, that reason being heightened by the fact that she was a woman. Again, it would probably be ill-advised if I were to try and talk about what I assumed about the course and what became reality; besides for all the moments of painful enlightenment I experienced in the class from both the professor and my counterparts, it was all well worth it. To be more precise; the novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” was worth it in itself.

Since the conclusion of that class, I have not reread the book. However, I must have watched the movie half a dozen times. Each time I watch it again, I find new truisms. However, it was not until after some pretty tough breakups with women whom I loved that I understood the importance of “Their Eyes were Watching God.” Prior to those breakups, I was busy looking for faults and excuses while “their eyes were watching God,” instead of listening to what they were asking of me. Which I shamefully, yet graciously, now recognize that I was more than capable of providing.

Men, it is so easy for us to forget that there is more to our relationships with our women than just being a provider of things financial. Of course we work long hours, deal with things that tests us in every way imaginable, and we are often the last ones to be recognized. However there is an answer to that; simple, it is what we are suppose to do. In addition, we have to show and prove that we can protect both her and the family that the two of you created; but we also have to ensure that she knows that you will forever treasure and appreciate her for choosing you to be each other’s better half. That she is more than just a wife or the mother of your kids. She needs to know that Tea Cake is not just a character in a book or movie and that with the help of The Most High you will forever be the man that made her believe it’s okay to let go. Because in her letting go; she recognizes that while her “eyes were watching God,” you were listening to her.

Are you going to believe what you see or what “I” told you and showed you?

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Throughout my time in both grammar and secondary school, there were both some good times as well as some bad times; which I am sure we all can attest to. To say that I don’t wish for those simpler times every now and again would be an understatement. But I do realize that all was not peaches and cream. For example, in kindergarten one of the good things that comes to mind were the afternoon naps after the lunch period, one word; amazing. Wow, even as I type at this very moment my mind returns back to Mrs. Johnson’s class. Man do I miss afternoon naps after lunch. However, in hindsight, the bad part is that most of us woke up with spit and slobber slathered all over the sleeping mat. But what is worse, is that I don’t remember the sleeping mats being assigned to us individually. Also I can’t recall if whether or not the sleeping mats were sanitized each day. Maybe or maybe not. Yuke! Regardless of those times in my life, both good and bad, the moments are etched in the folds and fabric of my brain even till this very day. This is despite the numerous amounts of ammunition shot and heard while serving as a Marine, the amounts of celebratory and social libations consumed during those days, or the amount of high school students who on any given day call my name as they enter or exit the school each day. Again, I can never forget those moments from kindergarten. Did I forget to mention that those moments are ones that I will never forget?

So, imagine the shock on my face when Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam, decided that he is now certain that the racially insensitive photos which he previously admitted to and apologized for, are in fact not him. Now for those of you who are clueless on the matter of which I am referring to please allow me to brief you. Last week a college yearbook photo, bearing the name of the now troubled Virginia Governor, from 1984 surfaced. In the photo two individuals, one wearing KKK apparel and the other in black face, appear to be in celebratory mode as they poise for the shot. Honestly, his retraction doesn’t shock me one bit. What is shocking however, is that with the advances in technology over the last several decades, that the photos are just now surfacing. Perhaps even more shocking is the Governor of Virginia is either so arrogant or cowardly, that he thinks that his constituents will allow him to back track from his admittance. Again I stand corrected, because some of them are allowing for him to do just that. Yet, that is a topic for another post.

Ralph Northam actions over the past few days are both par for the course when it comes to politicians and only strengthens the notion that neither political side, when confronted with truths, can be expected to do what is right. What ever happened to the days of “owning up” to the things, which you know that you should “own up to,” when you are wrong? I teach my son as well as my students about character each chance that I get. I let them know that it is easy to do the right thing when all eyes are on. However, who you really are will rise to the occasion when you act in situations when you think that no one is watching. A photo, a phone call, or something as simply as a piece of candy that you thought would not be missed; it all goes back to character. So, to the character in the photo from 1984, since you showed no character by taking those photos because you probably didn’t think no one was watching; you now have the chance to do what is right when millions of eyes are on you. You are given a chance to display traits of having good character. Or perhaps the person who you say is not you in the photo is in fact, your true character.

And in the end…It was Brilliant.

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Call it karma or give whatever name you please to surmise your sentiments toward the total mismatch which was Super Bowl 53; you can’t deny that it was brilliant. From the NFL’s attempt at being socially conscious, the better than average creative advertising, and it’s ability to capture the alluring storyline; this year’s Super Bowl was brilliant. Yeah, sure the halftime show was less than memorable but as the saying goes: you can’t please everyone. However, if you are true fan and student of the greatest game ever created; then you my compadres recognize that this game  was brilliant. Now for those of you who are counting, yes, I have used the word brilliant 4 times. Well five if you count that I just used it 13 words ago to point out the fact that that I used the word…nevermind; but hey,who’s counting. Of course, by now we know that The New England Patriots won 13-3 against the Los Angeles Rams; that whole thing I did with the numbers was purely coincidental. However, the trip to the Proverbial “taken out to the back of the woodshed,” which the old sage (Belichick) did take the “new kid on the block (Mcveigh) wasn’t; matter of fact it was brilliant.

One of the funniest sports movies I ever watched was “Water Boy.” The story of Bobby Boucher and his triumphant over lack of self-confidence, a speech impediment, and his over-bearing mother to become a great player thanks in large part to his “high quality H2O.” However, there is one scene in the movie that captured last night’s game and the truism in what we know in football: offenses put the fans in the seats but defense wins championships. In the movie Boucher and his team’s head coach, Coach Klein, is visibly shaken and afraid of the Boucher’s former employer, Coach Red. Boucher gives Coach Klein a bit of advice and tells Coach Klein to picture Coach Red as a baby and he will be fine. Coach Klein does and just like that his fear is gone. Now, I did not see Bobby Boucher nor any of the high quality H20 on the sideline; but there were times when the Gerber Baby’s head was on the shoulders of the sports medi’s newly minted “offensive mastermind.”

For some of the Rams offensive possessions (to be honest more like most) it seemed like they couldn’t figure out what was coming their way. Whether stunts and blitzes from the front seven (which they didn’t have to do much of) or the coverage disguised by the no name secondary; the Ram’s offensive execution  was an excuse in futility. Yes, one can look a the fact that Todd Gurley (the Rams best weapon) was not hitting on all cylinders and Cooper Kupp (the breakout wide-out) injury further hindered the chances of the Rams making a competitive matter of the game. Yet they, like the New England Patriots, were given two weeks to prepare for their opponents and were outschemed. Notice I did not, nor dare I say, out played or out manned. The effort was evident; however the execution and scheme was anemic at best.

Why so harsh on the Rams some may ask? However,it is neither with harshness or even venom in which I write this post. What this piece is though is a critic on the shenanigans of those in the media who are so quick to put labels and titles on individuals such as being “great,” “prodigies,” or “brilliant”  before those individuals go through the fire. I listened to the media call Shaun Mcveigh everything except the second coming of Bill Walsh and ignoring the fact that but for a pretty stout defense, a certain non call in the Bayou and the numerous touches and powerful running of Gurley (which I think aided in his ineffectiveness over the last half of the season); Mcveigh would just be another head coach in the NFL who got a shot and is trying to the make the most of it at. Which is way this victory is so brilliant.

Bill Belichick was able to right (at least for one evening) what is wrong with the mindset of  these fly by night commentators who think that because a new gimmick or fad ruffles the feathers of some teams; that it warrants the above mentioned accolades and adjectives. And while, the eclipse may have been a few weeknights ago, which I did not get a chance to see; although from what I heard it was beautiful. I did get the chance to see Super Bowl 53 and while it was certainly not beautiful; it was brilliant.

The Cast of Characters in Life Imitating Art…or Vice Versa.

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Scene: Round wooden table. Eight shadowy figures sit around a table littered with photos and filed envelopes with the words “Top Secret” stamped on them. The envelope partially covers an insignia of an eagle with a ribbon in his beak. A large round figure enters the room and the seated rise to their feet and in unison says: Good morning Mr. Presi… (the sentence is inaudible because the theme music from Puzo’s Godfather saga begins)

This is the scene that I envision each time the current administration begins any of it’s meetings. Maybe I’m a little cinematic in my depiction but what is not scripted (and if it is; then life is really imitating art) is the border line criminalistic and rogue like behavior that is associated with many of the advisors and behind the scene figures presently serving or who have served and are not in service any longer for whatever reason. And while I may be a novice at best in my attempts to paint the clear picture; the individuals involved are doing their best to act out the parts.

On October 15, 1970 the federal government created an act that supposedly leveled the playing field in the fight against “gangsters” and “good guys.” The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, referred to as the RICO Act, helped to put away heads of criminal enterprises and organization that ordered or influenced the criminal deeds but who did not themselves participate in the commission of the crime. I know, a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo; so let me kind of give you an example or paint the picture. And since we already have a scene in the opening; I’ll just continue with my depiction. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Let’s just pretend that the round man that enters the room name is …. Felonious Rump. And seated around the table is a host of people with rather interesting names as well: Pike Sense, Maul Panafort, Michael Bohen, Michael Wynn, Seff Jessions, Soger Rone, and 3 other individual whose names I have not created yet. Yet, for some reason I think I will give them an Eastern European make-up. After Felonious Rump takes a seat all of the others follow suit. Then they began to engage and devise a scheme that if they were ever to get caught would have very dire consequences. Maybe even significant amount of jail time. They all receive their respective roles and responsibilities and commence in carrying out the scheme. However, and through a litany of unfortunate occurrences, the gig is up. And several of the key figures are caught, some jailed, and some awaiting their day before the court of law. Yet the obvious head of the enterprise or organization, Felonious Rump remains free; for now. Now let’s pretend that a special counsel were to convene and look into the actions of Felonious Rump and in what appears to be shaping into a continuous or habitual violations of laws (some civil); then the RICO Act may be enacted. Now of course this scene is strictly fictional; even if there seems to be what some may view as eerily  similarities between my scene and the current political shenanigans shaking up the White House. Coincidental or not; I plead the 5th.  End of story; for now.

Ever heard of the cliché: “Your slip is showing?” Well….we need to look down.

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Just like all lessons in life should not be forgotten; there are some clichés and idioms that should never leave your thoughts as well. I’m not talking about the ones like: “step on a crack break your mother back.” Imagine if there was even an ounce of accuracy to that. The number of orthopedic back specialist would skyrocket; and the use of opioids would almost double (what…wait…my research team just informed that 130 Americans die daily from opioids overdose). Well it’s not like pharmaceutical companies are profiting from the millions of Americans being prescribed powerful opioids to… (shhh…what…more hand gestures from the research department…oops). I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah…clichés and idioms. I’m not referring to the ones like: “don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.” Really? So, basically cheat yourself. So, what am I referring to? I’m referring to clichés and idioms that make one check his or herself. Those that make one check their moral compass; their character; their ability to do and stand for what is right regardless of what it may cause (crickets). I may lose some followers or potential followers today. Well I have a cliché for you in advance: “A hit dog will holler.”

I remember my beautiful mother sometimes telling my brother or I before Sunday morning church, to go the corner store to buy stockings (if she had money left over from bills) or knee-highs (if things were kind of tight) for her so we all could attend church service. This was a daunting task in that I knew I had to get in and out as quick as possible to make sure that my friends did not see my purchase. What can I say; I was young at the time. I never really question what my mother did or why she did it; I just watched and learned. This went for my father as well. Yet, I always wanted to know why she would insist that she walked out the house with what she considered “appropriately.” It wasn’t until later in life I realized why. My mother was not only making sure that she felt that she was appropriate for her own satisfaction; she was also making sure that she set an appropriate example for my sisters and gave my brother and I an example of how a woman conducts themselves. However, this is not the purpose for this post. Well, not entirely. In addition to the stockings and other non-negotiables; my mother would always check my sister, as well as have them check her before they left the house, to see if their slip wasn’t showing. Note the words: before they left the house to show themselves in public. She made sure that “their slip wasn’t showing” before they left the house. Because the last thing you wanted to do was to have “your slip showing” and have someone not of your house to point it out. Get it. No! Well allow me to elaborate; cautiously but honestly.

While I used the above cliché, it is not intended in this post to be looked at literally; but more so from a figurative stand point. So, what is the figurative meaning of the aforementioned cliché? Simple. It means that you have exposed something that should be covered and not intended for public viewing or ridicule. Now, here is the dilemma. If one has to hide what ever that “it” is; it should not be there in the first place. Still not following? Okay, I am getting there; but cautiously.

Over the last few years I watched several high profiled entertainers see their deeds exposed. Now, I am not here to judge or talk guilt or innocent; that job is not left for any of us to do. Between guilt or clear conscious; judicial system or the divine wisdom of The Most High; all will be settled. However, “our slip is showing.” And it shouldn’t take what is being televised and exposed through media for us to see when things are not right. In addition, it is not nor has it ever been in our best interest to sit back and watch as things that are obviously not conducive for any of our well-being to be threatened. In plain proletarian language; “we have to check each other.” Especially when it comes to any degradation aimed at our youth. It should not matter from who. Family, friend, or stranger should all be held with the same scrutiny; no exception. When or if this returns to our thought process, the occurrences that seem to be happening with astonishing frequency would be an oddity and not what seems to be the norm. But then again I could just be “silly wishing.”

No eyebrows raised today…It was to be expected.

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The city of New Orleans is perhaps one of my favorite places to visit. Aside from the fact that it is home of the Saints, my team (Atlanta Falcons) rivals;  New Orleans has some of the best foods, best music, and a unique culture that you will not find in any other city in America (you may be a distant 2nd Savannah, GA). If you follow my blog or any of my other social media sites, you have read that I do consider New Orleans a second home. I had the opportunity to visit the fabulous locale and partake of its many elixirs other the years; and I would be telling an untrue if I said I did not enjoy it. However, as lovely as the city is, another high-profile players has indicated that they will not be making the city of New Orleans his residency.

Earlier today, Anthony Davis’ (affectionately known as The Brow), agent informed the New Orleans Pelicans that his client will not sign an contract extension with the franchise. Rich Paul, also Lebron James agent, informed the brass that Davis will not sign the $240 million-dollar extension that he will be eligible to sign this offseason. Both sides agreed that the move would be in the best of both party’s interest. Interesting. Now either I’m lost on the matter, or the Pelican seem to no know what they are about to lose. But then again, this is not new.

A few years ago, Chris Paul, one of the league’s premier point guards and a certain NBA Hall of Famer, was traded away from the team. Names and picks are nonconsequential. However the fact of the matter is that the trade was made and a center-piece of the franchise was shipped out.

Five years and we are at what is sure to be another bitter sweet moment for both the great cit and fans  of New Orleans as well as Anthony Davis. Maybe, and this is strictly from a outsider’s point of view, they should get whoever is doing those alligator and city tour guides to show the athletes of the New Orleans Pelicans what the city has to offer in get them to stay. But then again is from a Falcon’s fan, Let’s go Hawks.


Positively Speaking…

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When I tell you that I despise having a cold; I mean I really despise it. I dislike being sick so much that I would rather watch one thousand episodes of Lamb Chops ending theme song (The song that never ends) over, and over, and over, and over, and… (ouch…thanks publicists); but you get the picture. I would rather go shopping in The Mall of America with my girlfriend (which I can’t seem to find or keep for that matter) on the busiest day and watch as she spends hour, after hour, after hour in order to decide which blouse to buy that least likely will be worn by someone else. I would rather sit through two 8-hour sessions of Nancy Pelosi speaking to Congress in an attempt to persuade members of the GOP to vote for legislation that would make sense. You know things like immigration Reform, Health Care Reform, Tax Reform, The Wall, and Her Boss. I would rather watch the New Orleans Saints hoist the Lombardi Trophy in the Mercedes Benz Dome (Okay I’m lying; my hypocrisy only goes so far). Although thanks to the outstanding NFL officiating crew; I will not have to worry about that. Sorry Saints fans. However, that is how much I despise having a cold. It is both literally and figuratively draining. Almost unbearable. “Almost.”

So, this week this cold I have, has been kicking my John Brown hind parts. Guys it has been terrible. Dayquil throughout the day; Nyquil and my allergy pills (thank you Texas) interchangeably before night time. Heat turned all the way on Hades with two quilts to sweat it out; so yeah it has been miserable. Yet with one phone call from my son, and a few others, but especially my son; all was well. Why? Because his confirmation validated that he is a true believer in the spirit of positivity. One may ask; what the confirmation was? Well since you ask, I’ll tell you.

Like any typical teenager (he is 15) going through the trials of finding his niche and place in the world; he is learning. You know just old enough to know better; but still young enough to have a learning experience that is not detrimental to their health. Trust me there is a difference. So, he calls me and as usual gives me the run down on his day. School work, weight training, football, what he’s eating for dinner, and girls, in that order.

Then he asks me; “so Daddy how was work today?”

Now either he has mental telepathy, or he spoke with his mother prior; but whatever the case was I know I was going to have to be honest.

So, I told him, “Well Son I didn’t go to work today”

Now keep in mind that school was not in session on Monday due to King’s Holiday.

My Son without hesitation, my Son said Daddy “You got two off days this week; everything okay? “

Shots fired. If I thought the thermostat was hot.

I said, “Yeah Son this old cold had your Daddy feeling bad this week.”

And just like the young man we are doing our best to raise to be a man about his business and man of his words; my  Son hit me a one two punch mixed with a up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start combination (shout out to my Contra players from back in the days).

My Son said, “Daddy I know you didn’t lay in the bed all day. Because aint no little cold going to keep you down.”

MUTE. Guys I couldn’t find the Mute button fast enough. Why the mute button? Because I didn’t want him to hear me getting out the bed and moving things around and about to be able to honestly tell my Son the truth. Which is just exactly what I did.

I said, “Now come one Son, you know better than that. You know your Pops hadn’t been in the bed all day.” And at that moment I wasn’t lying. But up until that point I had been laying in bed all day because that cold with all and all those meds were getting the best of me. It’s safe to say that I walked around the place until he was ready to eat his dinner. Which I was glad wasn’t the usual 2-hour phone conversation that we have this time. So, what’s the point?

The point is that the ability to speak positivity works both ways. I am constantly telling my Son that his test and trials are a small thing to a giant. And in a split second he spit that same energy back to me. The crazy part is that I did not get back into the bed. I got up and was active. Prep myself for the next day and begin to put my topics together for the upcoming blog posts (, as well as poetry site (Spoken Words) on Facebook. Shameless plug; well perhaps. But if all you got from those previous 817 or so words; then I probably lost you with Lamb Chops song that never ends. My Son amazes me; but then again it is written. “God ordains strength Out of the mouths of babes .”

And let the conspiracy theories begin…

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Call me a bit of a conspiracist. I mean really; I really to do think I am. For example, I think that the company for the left side and the company for the right of the KitKat bar are really working together to fool us into buying them both. Wait guys…I am sorry my copyright personnel just told me that they are the same company; as if I didn’t already know that (I will fact check that later though). I also think the guy that plays Sgt. Powell (Family Matters) and the cop helping John McClane (Die Hard) is the same person. Hold on guys one second…ok I apologize again but my copyright personnel informed me again that they are same person and his name is Reginald VelJonson (add that to fact list as well). Okay, maybe I am not much of conspiracist after all. However, it does seem a bit fishy that The New England Patriots will face the L.A. Rams, formerly the St. Louis Rams, in this year’s NFL Super Bowl. Now, I know I may have lost some credibility with you guys with the previous conspiracy theories (thanks to my research department), but I think that I have this one in the bag.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be  headed to their 9th Superbowl; and has won 5 out the previous 8 they’ve been apart of. The two will arguably go down in history as the best who have ever did it at their position. However I can’t help but to think, especially being that I have  proven my ability to point out the obvious…wait that doesn’t sound right; I can’t help but think that the NFL, with its flare for the dramatics, will attempt to capture the inevitable “changing of the guards.” Aging quarterback and coach hands the reigns of the NFL to their much younger counterparts. Again call it the conspiracist in me.

However, I’m no fool.  Over the last few days, I’ve heard another scenario. The idea that Brady and Belichick  journey has come full circle. This implies that somehow they are done with chasing rings. This is preposterous. These two individuals drive to excellence is unmatched, and I think they thrive proving both the doubters and naysayers wrong; on the biggest of stages. Maybe even the conspiracist theorist too. They forever claim that they’re never listening to the media. While this may or may not be true, both Brady and Belichick seems to have and ax to grind. My theory, and unfortunately for the Rams; the New England Patriots circle is far from coming to full.