About Patio Thoughts Under a Half Moon from a Country Boy Living in a Big City

Patio Thoughts under a Half Full Moon from a Country Boy Living In a Big City by [Hall, Scott]

If I could steal a line from one of my favorite movies (No Country for Old Men): “and like they say, that was that.” So too are my feelings concerning my eBook of poetry entitled, “Patio Thoughts Under a Full Moon from a Country Boy Living in a Big City.” I started writing and collecting these pieces of poetry over 3 years ago and I have slowly been adding them to my Spoken Words Page (Facebook) and onto a few of my other social media sites. However, after a few unsuccessful attempts at traditional publishing, I decided to pursue the route of eBook publishing through Amazon (Kindle). I hope that you guys continue to support my endeavors on Allmanstuffincluded.com, as well as my new and upcoming works of literature. Thanks so much in advance.

So as for my “patio thoughts.” This collection of poetry does capture some of the highs and low moments in my life, which still to this day, enables me to write in the style and voice which you all are accustomed to.  Love found, Love lost, and everything else in between is addressed in these thought provoking and heart felt works of literature. In a nutshell, “these are just my thoughts.” Hope you enjoy the read and thanks for your continued support.

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Now before you guys get all giddy about me returning as blogger extraordinaire, let me just say that I missed writing for and to the great folks that follow allmanstuffincluded too. Prior to my break, you guys engaged with my blog posts as well as inspired me to keep writing on the topics which sets allmanstuffincluded apart from other sites. Each day I looked forward to reading your comments on the blog discussions which are all thoughtfully chosen and thoroughly written. However, I took some time away from blogging and dedicated it to working on some poetry projects (performing perhaps) and editing and revising my novel and screenplay. Of course all of this was done in my very limited spare time, because if you follow me then you are aware of the fact that I am an educator first and foremost. Over the last month or so, state mandated testing has dominated our school’s time and place on the list of priorities. Fortunately and thankfully, as both the testing season and school year comes to an end, I am now able to put more time and effort in allmanstuffincluded. But, I will not just leave you without giving you a few of my thoughts over the most important events which occurred during my break.

Nipsey Hussle

Perhaps the most impactful event that occurred since my last post was without question the unfortunate death of Hip Hop artist and entrepreneurial genius, Nipsey Hussle. The Los Angeles native and Crenshaw and Slauson visionary was becoming a powerful force in the industry as well a budding business mogul with his many endeavors before he was senselessly and tragically gunned down while outside of his Marathon Clothing Store. Following the death of Nipsey Hussle countless celebrities, politicians, and people from all walks of life how continued to express the level of impact that Nipsey Hussle music, movement, and overall hustler’s mentality has had on them before and since his departure from us.

Robert Mueller Report

Well it was much to do about nothing or evidence of a smoking gun; that is depending on what side of the political line you are on, when the findings were released to the public from the Robert Mueller Report. While the GOP stands largely behind the President and his claims that this whole fiasco from the start has been nothing but a witch hunt; the Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge the perception from its counterpart that the President is innocent. So in the end, both parties will have to hurry up and wait as the saga that has become all too familiar to the American people, continues to unravel.

Tiger Woods

In what may have been the most respected and emotional comebacks, Tiger Woods captured another green jacket as he outlasted the field in the 2019 Master’s Championship at Augusta. The 43 year old Woods, hugged members of his family as spectators at the tournament and those watching at home witnessed the completion of what had been truly a “long time coming.” Before the 2019 win, Woods had not won at Augusta since 2005 when he captured his 4 green jacket. Both the look of relief and sense of pride gleamed not only from Woods face, but also from his children who were able to see Tiger Woods in his element and what we all have been privileged to watch over this illustrious career.

Of, course there were many other stories which are all worthy of attention; however it was these three which caused me to stop in my track to take a closer look. Yet, I will be addressing those stories and other topics in the coming days, weeks, and months. But until next time, I’ll leave you with the words that Tiger Woods golf club screamed (if they could speak) throughout his play at The Masters: “I’m Back.”

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Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction…Just Be Prepared For The Recoil

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I can vividly recall the moment in time when I experienced an situation where Newton’s Law of Motion was proven to be true.  Specifically how she is truly blind, uncompromising, and consistent. Growing up in Southwest Georgia afforded us an opportunity to experience and come in contact with all types of edible vegetation. Honeysuckles, blackberries, red berries, etc…you name it. If the fruit’s name ended with berry, well that meant that it was 99 percent edible pretty much. Well, of course there is always that 1 percent. And in the case of my brother, my cousin, and myself; that 1 percent materialized in the form of a piece of vegetation we called “snake berries.” Now before you guys go all etymological on me and state the obvious in that something called snake berries probably should not be eaten; allow me to explain. While the name does suggest that eating the berry may not have been the smartest thing to do, keep in mind that I was young and I was attracted to the sweetness of the berry. However, no matter how sweet and tasty the berry was, my aunt would warn us time and again that eating to many of the berries would make us sick. Needless to say, she was right. One summer after eating as many berries as our stomach could manage, we managed to plaster everything within a couple of feet radius with purple vomit. My aunt was livid, not because of us being sick, but because of the aftermath of the vomit. I would be telling an untruth if I stated I learned my lesson and stayed away from the “snake berries.” So I won’t lie. Even though I understood that if I decided to overindulge that there will be repercussions for my actions. The question was whether or not I would be ready to deal with the consequences. And this is what I feel our society has not taken into full consideration; consequences.

I have a friend that told another friend that he would slap him if he insulted him again. My friend’s response was both comical but philosophical at the same time. He said that I can’t stop you from slapping me, but I hope that you are able to handle how I choose to hit back. Perhaps one of the most impactful rebuttals I have ever heard because it resonates on so many levels. Yes, in the world we live in, a person has the freedom to say and do what seems to be whatever they want to. It is an amended right to be able to practice freedom of speech. But I think we have to look at the word amend in order to fully appreciate the gravity behind this particular right; however I will tackle that subject at a later blog. I personally do not have one problem with what a person choose to let fly from their mouth in the form of verbs and nouns. Just know that the rebuttal does not have to match verbs and nouns in kind. Perhaps this is where the “golden rule” should be reiterated; yet understood that each human has a different level of tolerance when it comes to accepting belligerent shenanigan (BS).

Denzel Washington character in Equalizer 1 has a great point in the movie. His characters states that when you pray for rain, you got to deal with the mud too. Some of us are so caught up in saying and doing what we want, for all the reasons other than staying true to who we are, that we are often blind to the tsunami laying in wait due to shaking up belligerent shenanigans. But I get it, and again, I am all for one being able to speak what is entirely on their mind; but first make sure that it’s from a mind that is functioning in its full capacity. In addition  you are willing to accept whatever comes with the ramifications of your nouns and verbs alerting the world know what you are thinking. This is very important to remember, because as my elders and ancestors say: “your mouth just might write a check that your posterior can’t cash.” Well maybe not in those words.

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Missing Reparations…But We Have Debt Though

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I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing words or policies that comes from the lips of any politicians these days. Doesn’t matter if it is a Democrat, a Republican, or any of the numerous Independents who are seeking public office or already serving. They all remind me of this joke I once heard about lawyers and lies; instead of lawyers you just  replace them with politicians and the jokes still works. So, recently when I read that some potential Democratic Presidential candidates were backing the idea of giving reparations for descendants of slaves (roughly 47,411,470 Black Americans), I instantly thought both timing and angles. However, this is not a mathematical blog so it should not take my readers (who are the smartest on the planet) to figure out their angles. But, we digress. For those who may not be up to speed; of course the proposed backing is to solidify votes as well as perhaps sway votes from the opposite party in order to increase their chances of winning an election. It’s a strategic maneuver; a pretty clever one at that. However, it is at the expense of those 47 million or so Black Americans who will never see dollar one of the trillions of dollars’ worth of reparations that the United States owes to the descendants of slaves. And this is where you lose those of us who don’t drink the proverbial “kool-aid” that is presented before us. But, I come from the school of action where you don’t cite a problem without offering a realistic solution; and folks do I have one.

My solution is to wipe out all debts of descendants of slaves, both deceased and alive, in lieu of reparations which we will never receive anyway. Now before some say “I don’t have debt,” that is cool and congratulations; but there is someone in your family who more than likely up to their eyeballs in debt. Now of course, no one is responsible for the debt occurred except those of us have have occurred it; that’s such a true statement. However, the hows and whys are not what we are arguing; besides there will be a few stipulations that are attached to the erasing of the debt which won’t be buried in the fine print either. One such stipulation would be mandatory financial literacy classes to ensure that we understand how money works. Now, we understand that this class will not instantly put us on a equal playing field with some of the other races, who have had either already received reparations which were paid to them because of the atrocities committed against them or because their race have been afford a 400 year head start on the descendants of the slaves; we understand that. Which is why, I suggest this solution instead.

They way I figure, and I could be making too much or no sense at all, is that by just wiping out the debt of every living adult Black America first, we are giving the United States one heck of a discount. I mean trillions versus maybe a billion; give or take 2 or 3. At least it’s cheaper than the amount requested to build the wall. Now for the deceased Black Americans who are no longer with us, a trust would be set up in the name of both the patriarchal and matriarchal heads of all slaves and freedmen since 1600. Hold on, I know that would be huge dollar amount, but I have a solution to that as well. The trust will only be given to the grandchildren of married couples (which will go in effect at the time of this solution being adopted) who stay married to the same person for a minimum of 35 years (see we have to reestablish the family unit in our communities). There will be stipulations and non negotiables to this as well, and you won’t have to read the small fine print but instead you can find in any of your religious guidelines. I think this is logical so we can ensure that we hold each other accountable and we do what we have to do to ensure that our children’s children are taken care of, right?

Guys I know that I have to do a little bit of research and number crunching to solidify this possible solution. But, for this to be only a rough draft from my brain to this blog, it makes more sense than asking for reparations which the government is not in a financial position to to give. Heck , they have a hard enough time balancing a federal budget. Speaking of the government, this is a win win scenario for you. Black Americans has more buying power and spends more money than any other race of people on the planet. So inevitably this solution will increase revenue across the board, tax revenue will skyrocket, the national debt will be paid off in perhaps a generation and tons of other  financial benefits which I am not aware of (but I will be if my solution is enacted) will be the outcome. The only difference in the all of these increases is that we will be more responsible in what, who, and where we send our money. Just a thought.

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Joni Taylor’s Triple Play

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Guys I’m going to be perfectly honest with you; I have not been to the gym or worked out since January 26th; this year of course. And as I stated in a previous blog; I feel bad, but not that bad. That was until today. Thank you, ESPN College Gameday. Now before I go on any further, I feel like it’s my responsibility to at least explain why I have not been to the gym. I have, what I believe to be an acute shoulder strain, which causes extreme and painful sensations that reverb throughout my shoulder and arm. And no, I am not saying this for anyone to feel sympathy for me; but I dare you to find someone tougher. Well maybe there is this one person: Joni Taylor. If you don’t know who this woman is, let me explain. But first I’d like to say congratulation to Coach Joni Taylor and again, thanks ESPN College Gameday (wink, wink).

Joni Taylor is the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs Women’s Basketball team, which by the way is in the great state of Georgia. But I am guessing that the name probably gave its location away. Also, if you have been following my blogs you know that I love pretty much every sports organization in my birth state. Yet, that is not the reason for this post. The reason for this post is to provide you with a  little bit of motivation to not complain about the fact that you may be a tad bit tired.

Coach Taylor, in her 4th season of leading the Lady Bulldogs, is hoping to have her team finish out the season strong and make a run in the SEC Women’s Tournament to ensure a birth in the NCAA Tournament.  Speaking of birth, which leads me close to the purpose of this post. Coach Taylor coached her Bulldogs to a victory against SEC foe Mississippi Bulldogs, and within a 12-hour span gave birth to her and her husband’s second daughter. First and foremost, congrats to the family’s new addition and on the win; but what is more impressive is that two days after the birth, Coach Taylor was back on the sideline cheering her team on. Suddenly, my shoulder is a little less painful.

Here’s the thing. When I was a young man, I witnessed these kinds of feat; not from a women’s basketball coach, but from my mother. Day and in day out she put off illness, tiredness, and her own pleasures to root all of us in all our endeavors. These is while working a full-time job and at times with little to no support. Through her actions and numerous sacrifices, we all were able to see what perseverance, what dedication, and what putting others before self looks like. Ironically, as I am typing this portion of the post, it seems like my shoulder doesn’t even hurt at all. Well perhaps a little, but hey at least I will be back in the gym with a new sense of purpose and commitment. To Coach Taylor good luck with the team throughout the remaining season and hope to see oru Lady Bulldogs in the NCAA championship game, and I salute you for your strength and dedication. Just not with this arm connected to this shoulder. Not just yet.

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High Time for the Use of CBD

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The date: 2000 (I think). The time: about noon (… I think). The place: Missoula, Montana. Event: Missoula Hempfest.

In August of 2000, Marines from 3/2 were deployed to the usually picturesque state of Montana. Picturesque in that we are talking about the Rocky Mountains. The West is out there somewhere. Elk, Moose, Wolves, and many legends like Bigfoot and other creepy legends call this part of this beautiful part of the country home. Most importantly, Anheuser Busch Beer gets the cold water used to brew its world-renowned beer from out that way (…I think). However, for myself and the other 1000 or so Marines that deployed to this area; the scene was all but picture perfect.

Acres of pristine land and forest were being decimated by raging fires that showed no signs of giving up. After a few weeks, we along with the brave forest fighters and fireman from across the country, was successful in getting the blazes under control. Those are moments that I will never forget and stories that I tell any of my friends who will listen. Of course, the fires gets bigger, hotter, and the stakes always seems to increase; but in the end we were able to get the get the job done.

As a show of gratitude, although we were fed extremely well and sleep under one of the most beautiful skies (Norway’s night sky is quite impressive), we were given a few days of liberty. Some of my friends went to Minnesota, Illinois, and Nevada. Me, being the country boy that I am, decided to try my luck at catching some trout in a local creek or river. That creek or river ending up leading in what looked to be downtown Missoula (…I think) which was having a hempfest. Pause. Because I know what some of you are thinking; “as if the smoke from the fires weren’t enough.” And that is what this blog post is about.

Today while I was getting ready for work, I watched an interesting story on the morning news. The story was about states whose residents are unsure on whether the use of CBD is legal or illegal. Well to the uneducated ones, which I was prior to my fateful day along the banks of the Clarke Fork River (…I think), they will say it’s illegal because it’s just like marijuana. To be honest; they are almost correct. The two plants are almost identical; except hemp does not have the amount of THC within its genetic make up to cause humans to become high. In other words; it’s the smoke without the high. That’s if you smoke it though.

The individuals on the morning news who were utilizing CBD (hemp oil) were not smoking the plant but was digesting it through the form of a capsule. Regardless of the method of use these individuals choose to use the CBD, based on fact that it aided in their improved conditions associated with their illness, the results can’t be denied. From chronic pain due to joint and bone alignments to the proven significant decrease in spasms and pain associated with Multiple sclerosis as well as Parkinson Disease; the time is past due that there clear guidelines, both federally on a state level, that clears the use of CBD. If and when this happens; we are can take the thinking out of the equation. (…I think).

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Forgiving Ferry?

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You gotta be kidding me. No I’m not talking  about the fact that out of all the more pressing news that is impacting the globe; the chief media concern is Jussie Smollett. Really? If I’m not mistaken, scratch that, I’m certain that the  FBI just thwarted a potential terrorist attack by former Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson. His targets were TV journalists and Democratic presidential candidates. Now as a educated Black man, I would want to know about this individual because his vow is to “establish a white homeland.” Wow. But then, why should I should be even be shocked. However, what is shocking to me is the decision making of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans.

A week or so before the NBA All Star Festivities, the Pelicans relieved their General Manager Dell Demps. To be honest, Demps has been in a no win situation since the Chris Paul and LA Lakers trade was vetoed by Commissioner David Stern, who was the acting owner of the Pelicans. Fast forward almost a decade later and we have the Anthony Davis fiasco which again includes the Pelicans and the LA Lakers. Except this time it was not a NBA Commissioner acting  as an owner but the actual owner and front office brass of the Pelicans who axed the generous trade offer from the LA.Lakers. Dell Demps, two huge trade failures, which included potential future Hall of Famers; yeah, your days were certainly number. As, an educator and not a NBA front office executive, I can’t criticize the owners decision to fire Demps. However, I can question who was hired as General Manager “in waiting.”

If you have been following any of my social media pages: Spoken Words (Facebook) or Allmanstuffincluded.blog; then you know that I love all sports franchises from the great state of Georgia. This includes the Atlanta Hawks; and yes I say it with my chest out too. Go Hawks. So imagine my surprise when the Pelicans announced that Danny Ferry would be acting General Manager while a search insues for someone to fill the position on a permanent basis; which it seems the Pelicans have found. And that person is…drum roll please….Danny Ferry. Why is this a big deal? Well if you follow the NBA or if you are a Hawks fan, then we are all too familiar with Danny Ferry and his colorful talent scouting verbiage.

I’d just moved to Atlanta in 2014 and was looking forward to catching some of the ball games from all of my favorite professional sports organizations. Then the Danny Ferry story broke. Ferry was accused of using racially insensitive remarks to describe the characteristics of NBA player Luol Deng, who is from South Sudan. While Ferry said he was only repeating the scouting report from a scout who described Deng as “having a little African in him…nice guy but would have a nice storefront  but will sell you counterfeit stuff out the back.” However after negative backlash from Civil Rights leaders in Atlanta, delayed or careful reprimands from the ownership group of the Hawks, and perhaps fear of  a possible hit on ticket sales for the upcoming season; Ferry took an indefinite leave from the Atlanta Hawks. Thus, my shock and dismay that Ferry is back.

In a league where the overwhelming majority of the players have a “little African” in them and an individual who seems to look at this as an possible detriment, yet is responsible for the hiring and firing process; it is mind boggling to me how this is even happening. But then again, I recall that is was NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who didn’t think that the Hawks should fire Ferry. I guess he was already in the process of Forgiving Ferry.

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It Should All Be So Simple…But Then Simple Doesn’t Make Cents.

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33 seconds. A little over ½ of a minute and every stake holder in all things Zion Williamson heart stopped beating and a quietness filled Cameron Indoor Stadium that hasn’t been “unheard” since Miami stunned the Blue Devils in 2012. And before I continue, let me make this perfectly clear; I am not making a mockery of the young man’s injury but at the mockery of the NCAA system that pretends to have the athletes’ best interest at heart yet makes millions off of them and gives athletes the proverbial “pennies” when it’s all said and done. I mean let’s be honest; Zion Williamson should not ever have suited up in the NCAA for the simple reason of what almost transpired on last night.

Luckily it looks like Zion Williamson didn’t suffer a serious injury and more than likely will be ready to suit up, at the latest, for the ACC Tournament beginning March 12. That layoff gives he and his family enough time to hire a PR expert to draft a letter and let the coaching staff and the faithful Dukies know that they appreciate all that the university has done; but they are finished at the amateur…I mean collegiate level. While that last statement may come off as comical; if I’m in Zion’s camp, that is the advice I am giving. I mean it makes sense. It may not make cents for the powers that be; but it most definitely will for Zion and his family.

The truth of the matter is that the hype (though this kid is anything but a bunch of hype) around Zion Williamson has already generated millions for many individuals whose version of a basketball game is a round of horse with the grandkids. Yet, each time he or any other athlete steps foot on the court, field, track, pool, ice, or any of the other sports in college, they are paid. Now if this is considered fair, then we might as well allow the coaches to cash in on lucrative contracts outside of their coaching salaries as well…. hold up my PR is trying to tell me something…. I am told that there are coaches who has had separate deals with major shoe companies for years now. Note to PR…I, like every other individual who follow sports knows this; I was just trying to paint a picture. It seems to me that the ones who are doing the most to generate the income is getting nothing more than some shoes that can’t even stand up to the weight of these athletes who are carrying whole universities with their mind, bodies, and souls. I have a suggestion though, a very simple one in deed, PAY THE PLAYERS OR PUT ALL COACHES AND ATHLETIC DIRECTORS AND PRESIDENTS ON EQUAL FIXED PAY SCALES ACROSS ALL NCAA DIVISIONS. Crickets and more crickets. Because the latter part of that last statement is too simple; about as simple as the first part of the statement. The problem is that it doesn’t make cents.

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More Honey Please

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One of my past morning time favorites was to sip a freshly brewed cup of French Vanilla flavored Folgers coffee. No, Folgers did not make a French vanilla and coffee bean blend (at least not to my knowledge); I would create the concoction after falling in love with French vanilla and cappuccino while living in Tokyo, Japan. Maybe it’s the French cuisine or the vanilla flavor; I can’t truly say or be sure. However, what I am sure of is that my love of coffee dates back to 1985 (sounds like the name of song from the band Chicago). As a young boy, when I would visit my grandmother, within seconds of her waking the small apartment would be filled with the smell of cigarette smoke and freshly brewed coffee. As I sit here and type this, my mind is tricking me into thinking that I can smell that aroma now. Then just like that, the aroma like she, were gone. Oh, how I miss her. As I got older, truthfully more recent, I abandoned and substituted coffee with tea for the most part. And instead of French vanilla, I use honey instead. It’s growing on me. But I often time find myself saying: “more honey please.”

Good morning Pittsburg. I hope you guys have had your good cup of morning coffee because I think that you going to need it. Kevin Colbert, the Steelers’ general manager, said that they will not place the franchise tag on Le’veon Bell. Which means that Bell will become a free agent this upcoming offseason. Bell, 1/3rd of the Killer B’s (Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown makes up the other 2/3rd’s) is without a doubt going to be one of the most sought after offensive players to hit the free agent market in quite some time. Oh, in related news, Antonio Brown and the Steelers’ brass has all but agreed that Brown’s tenure in the Steel City has come to an end and he will most definitely be traded before the start of the 2019 NFL season; preferably  to a team far from the AFC or more precisely the AFC north division for obvious reasons. Thus leaving “Big Ben” as the only remaining member of the Killer B’s. Excuse me guys….”more honey please.”

Steeler Nation, while I am not a fan, I root for your team for a host of reasons. Hines Wards and Jarvis Jones comes to mind, both former Bulldogs, but they are all long gone from the organization.  The other reasons are because the organization epitomize the blue collar mentality associated with the region of the country as well as embracing what sports is all about: teamwork. Yet, through this whole fiasco, which begin with the Bell situation, the organization has not demonstrated the traits that make the Steelers the shining exemplar for other teams to emulate. Hold on…”more honey please.”

So, Roethlisberger is the lone B standing. Just with that statement alone, if I was a Steelers fan I would have a feeling of trepidation. In a beehive, the most important bee is the Queen Bee. Now, I’m no expert on bees, but I know that the other bees will viciously attack anything that threatens the Queen bee. And in return, the Queen bee lays lot of eggs and leaves chemical scents that keep the bee colony a cohesive unit. I would not linger too much with what I typed, but I would definitely make note of that last part of the responsibility of the Queen bee: keep the bee colony as a unit. It is obvious that somewhere along the line the things went awry. And in like any relationship, thing cans turn ugly on a dime. We have all witnessed this phenomenon. However, in this situation it just doesn’t make any sense. And I am not talking about the behaviour of the players; I referring to the decisions of the front office. Ben Roethlisberger is a Hall of Famer for certain, but if the Steelers are asking him to carry them to promise land again; they certainly just crippled an offense that was up and down all season. Both Brown and Bell would have certainly helped out in all phases of the offense while allowing the defense to catch their breathe on the sidelines. But, like my Grandmother would often say: “time will tell.” I just hope that Steeler Nation doesn’t find itself asking for “more honey please.”

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I Couldn’t Make This Up If I Tried.

Image result for jussie smollett  Image result for priest having children

Image result for r kelly 3rd tape Image result for trump and pelosi state of the union address

You know as skilled and talented of a writer as I am; some of these stories and capers people try and pull off are shocking, sad, and for many salacious. However as a writer who has vowed to write creatively within all genres of literature in a redemptive manner; it is becoming more and more difficult to stick with my vow. This is a great segue into the plethora of debauchery that is mudding up the headlines in the news recently? I’ll try and be brief and fair.

First and foremost, as a Black male living in America, I feel it is only right that I address certain things that we need to handle and handle with urgency. A few weeks back I wrote a piece titled, Ever Heard the cliché “You’re slip is showing…” Well we need to Look Down. If you have not read it, I think that you should; it’s a good read. It concerns high profile persons whose deeds are now catching up to them. And while I will always take a nonnegotiable stance against predatory individuals who harm our youth (I’ll address that as well); some things are just stupid. Where was I? Oh yeah…Black man living in America. Did Jussie Smollett blackmail the two brothers into committing the supposed crimes? And why did he choose two Black males (see how I did that. I told you guys I’m nice)? He stated that racial slurs and homophobic obscenities were used against him during the commission of the alleged attack; this is what he told the whole world as well as the authorities handling the investigation. And the cops ended questioning two brothers who are brothers (let that sink in for a moment). Holy Moly!

Speaking of holy. Seems these days the Vatican can’t stay out of the news. Of course it’s the Priests again. No not for what you guys are thinking; not this time. This issue is concerning Priests who have children as their….no that’s not going to read well. This issue is concerning Priests who actually father children…that’s much better. See, it’s always my male species that will find a loophole or a shortcut to anything. Not one time have I ever heard of Sister Theresa going against the Faith and having to ask for maternity leave. Guys there are actually rules and documents which exists that deal with Fathers who are fathers. No joke.

The following is no laughing matter. Earlier I told you about my stance on predatory individuals who harm our youth. While I try my best to allow the judicial proceedings to do it justice (I can’t believe I am writing this statement); man a 3rd tape! A wrote a piece called “Smoke or Fire,” that addresses the consequences of rushing to judgement; and I am totally against rushing to judgment. But man a 3rd tape! First there should not have been a first tape to begin with. Also, if this is true; this guy is out of his mind.

And since we are on the subject of mindless. The President’s State of the Union Address I heard was mind boggling. While I did not watch it live; I did have a chance to skim through a few minutes of it. Three words:  Lies and Comedy. No the country is not the best it has ever been (Lies). Then there are the many faces that Nancy Pelosi shown during the parts of the speech I watched (comedy). Until next blog post guys; I’m out.

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