All Man Stuff Included is a site about just what it reads. Things that men and men alone will relate to or sometimes agree to disagree on while drinking a cold adult beverage. You know things like who is the greatest athlete of all time. Or perhaps which actor is better Denzil Washington or Al Pacino. Depends on what movie right. Or last but definitely not least how to find the most comfortable seat in the mall when your wife or significant other goes on a 4 hour shopping spree and it’s not even the holiday yet. Yes, there will be less pressing issues like finance, cooking, politics, entertainment, health, religion, style, and music.  These are the things that get people all in an uproar. But really,  whats more important than knowing and using  the best hangover remedy in a timely fashion before the alarm clock rings for the next morning which happens to be, yep you guessed it,Sunday. And guess who turn it is to lead a song in the choir.

Seriously though this  site is  about All Man Stuff Included; the good, bad, and ugly. Sprinkled in with some advice from the experts, women. Just kidding, however I do hope that women will find this site useful since we men do most of the good, bad, and ugly to pursue or keep you once we’ve  worn you down from the pursuit. I hope that you enjoy All Man Stuff Included.