Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction…Just Be Prepared For The Recoil

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I can vividly recall the moment in time when I experienced an situation where Newton’s Law of Motion was proven to be true.  Specifically how she is truly blind, uncompromising, and consistent. Growing up in Southwest Georgia afforded us an opportunity to experience and come in contact with all types of edible vegetation. Honeysuckles, blackberries, red berries, etc…you name it. If the fruit’s name ended with berry, well that meant that it was 99 percent edible pretty much. Well, of course there is always that 1 percent. And in the case of my brother, my cousin, and myself; that 1 percent materialized in the form of a piece of vegetation we called “snake berries.” Now before you guys go all etymological on me and state the obvious in that something called snake berries probably should not be eaten; allow me to explain. While the name does suggest that eating the berry may not have been the smartest thing to do, keep in mind that I was young and I was attracted to the sweetness of the berry. However, no matter how sweet and tasty the berry was, my aunt would warn us time and again that eating to many of the berries would make us sick. Needless to say, she was right. One summer after eating as many berries as our stomach could manage, we managed to plaster everything within a couple of feet radius with purple vomit. My aunt was livid, not because of us being sick, but because of the aftermath of the vomit. I would be telling an untruth if I stated I learned my lesson and stayed away from the “snake berries.” So I won’t lie. Even though I understood that if I decided to overindulge that there will be repercussions for my actions. The question was whether or not I would be ready to deal with the consequences. And this is what I feel our society has not taken into full consideration; consequences.

I have a friend that told another friend that he would slap him if he insulted him again. My friend’s response was both comical but philosophical at the same time. He said that I can’t stop you from slapping me, but I hope that you are able to handle how I choose to hit back. Perhaps one of the most impactful rebuttals I have ever heard because it resonates on so many levels. Yes, in the world we live in, a person has the freedom to say and do what seems to be whatever they want to. It is an amended right to be able to practice freedom of speech. But I think we have to look at the word amend in order to fully appreciate the gravity behind this particular right; however I will tackle that subject at a later blog. I personally do not have one problem with what a person choose to let fly from their mouth in the form of verbs and nouns. Just know that the rebuttal does not have to match verbs and nouns in kind. Perhaps this is where the “golden rule” should be reiterated; yet understood that each human has a different level of tolerance when it comes to accepting belligerent shenanigan (BS).

Denzel Washington character in Equalizer 1 has a great point in the movie. His characters states that when you pray for rain, you got to deal with the mud too. Some of us are so caught up in saying and doing what we want, for all the reasons other than staying true to who we are, that we are often blind to the tsunami laying in wait due to shaking up belligerent shenanigans. But I get it, and again, I am all for one being able to speak what is entirely on their mind; but first make sure that it’s from a mind that is functioning in its full capacity. In addition  you are willing to accept whatever comes with the ramifications of your nouns and verbs alerting the world know what you are thinking. This is very important to remember, because as my elders and ancestors say: “your mouth just might write a check that your posterior can’t cash.” Well maybe not in those words.

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