Check for Balances…But isn’t it suppose to be Checks and Balances

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Before I begin this particular blog post, let me reiterate that I graduated from The Unsinkable Albany State University, which just so happens to be the very best university on the planet. My university also has the distinction of being 1 of only 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, also referred to as a HBCU. I couldn’t be more proud to have been chosen to part of this prestigious University System. While I applaud and champion my alma mater, there was a time when I thought that the admissions and registration process was less than desirable. I complained that it was too slow and tedious and that there must be a way to expedite this process. That is until the news broke on the college admissions scandal that has rocked the collegiate world. It is safe to say that the Department of Education will have their hands full over the next few years with this one.

On the surface level there is nothing too arduous for the prosecutors, who will be assigned to try this case, in both civil and criminal court proceedings. It should be an open and close case pretty much. Rich or elitist members of society,  buying (bribing) their and their children’s way into business and institution without having the capabilities or mental capacity to thrive in these enterprises; should be a slam dunk. Even though this sounds very familiar to me. Or as the elders and ancestors would say: it just the same ol’ same ol’. And herein lies the problem.

One can’t help but to wonder how long this type of scandalous behavior has been happening and perhaps more importantly, has it been only limited to educational opportunities. Well, if I had to guess, and that’s only if I “had” to guess, I would say that this has been going on for quite some time. In addition it is without an inkling of doubt that this type of shenanigans has been occurring in areas where having a “leg” up on competition can be bought. Again this is nothing new in our society nor should it be a total shock. One only needs to look at the Commander-in-Chief and other politicians to see the evidence, or as the elders and ancestors would say: “the proof is in the puddin.” However, that is not the purpose of  but I will revisit this “proof” at a later date and post.

This scandal is one that is certain to cast a darker shadow over an institute that has been historically both racial and gender disproportionate. The harsh reality is that for every student who has been able to purchase their way into one of these prestigious institution; there was a potential student who was rejected despite having superior test scores than those with the financial means to be scrupulous. Again there is not one shred of doubt that this has been going on for generations.

As an educator it sickens me that I dutifully teach my students to strive hard to obtain great grades to increase their chances of being accepted into a institute of higher learning. As a parent it becomes even more disheartening. So, who is to blame? To be honest, I don’t think that it starts or stops with the men and women in the admissions and registrar’s office. Even though I can’t believe that not one eyebrow was raised when applications and admissions came across the desks of those individuals who were unqualified or didn’t even exist. There had to be a system of checks and balances to ensure that each potential applicant is the best qualified student to be accepted into the university. I know that this system of checks and balances is in place at university; because it was most definitely in place at my university. Which explains the wait time from the admission and registrar’s office that would drive many of us up the wall. I’m convinced now more than ever that they were doing the right thing and being fair and knew they repercussions of committing  those types of deeds currently making headlines in today’s news. Or as my elders and ancestors say they knew that “what doesn’t come out in the wash, will come out in the rinse.” I guess it’s laundry day for education.


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