Naysayer be damned…Continue to Boss Up!

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I have often heard of the phrase “those that can’t do, teach.” Being an educator, I found that there is some truth to that. Perhaps that only word that I would add to this phrase is the word “anymore” after the word do. Now of course there are certain things that should never be taught; racism, hate, or any things that does not add value to humanity. You know those things that cause chaos on both a mental and a physical level. I call those things, as well as those who perpetrate and spread those thing, “agents of chaos.” And in today’s society, it seems that those individuals are winning.

In my past blogs, I have not shied away from the fact that I think LeBron James is not only the most dominant force ever to play the game; but that his impact on and off the court will never be duplicated. While this is not the topic or purpose of this blog, if warranted, I can definitely come back to this topic on a later post. One of the things that I see so often is blatant attack on James and that he has someway ruined the NBA because of his decisions to leave Cleveland and team up with Wade and Bosh. To be honest I could name tons of players before and after LeBron who have made similar moves to achieve goals, but then again this is not what this post is about. The reason behind some of the unfair criticism is that James thinks just and acts just like the thoughts and actions of a general manager; and he and his brand is a team in itself. Allow me to explain.

Teams in any sports are built by the draft, trades, and acquisitions of free agents. 2/3rds of the before mentioned building blocks are done solely by the owner and general manager; with the exception of a few stipulations (no trade clauses and breach of contracts). Other than that, a player has to fulfill his contract and then see which team is willing to sign him. The hopes of a franchise is that they acquire enough players to be competitive, sales tickets, and eventually try to reach the pinnacle of their perspective sport. If this does not happen within a certain time frame, the front office brass make moves to improve the  team’s chances, in most cases with little to no regard to the players well-being (it’s a business). In a sense; out with the old, in with the new. And here is where the genius of James comes into play. After making the NBA billions, the franchise billions, the owner billions, and making himself millions; LeBron understood that he was better skilled at assembling a team of players to do what 29 of the 30 ball clubs in the NBA can’t do each season in the NBA. Put together a squad of players with a single goal in mind; win. And win he and his teams did. But with winning comes naysayers and agents of chaos who will try to poke holes in what James did; which is the exact thing that the front office does. The only difference is that he was able to do it better and more effectively.

So now we have the LeBron and the Lakers; oh and of course the naysayers who are only waiting for his fall. Somehow forgetting that James, even hurt and aging, is still the best player on the court each night he steps on the court. Yes, that includes whatever your team is and whoever plays for your team. Oh and by the way, notice how teams are now all of a sudden stacked with 2 or 3 big time players (with the exceptions of the Warriors, they have 5). Probably not, because this is nothing new. What is new, however, is the phenomenon of stacking the team just to beat one player. Want to guess who that player is?

Each day sports pundits (journalists and former players with an axe to grind for some reason) try to chip away at the legacy of a player who has been nothing more than an exemplar to both the league and more importantly, the community in which grew him into the man he is today. Which leads me to question those who takes jabs at him because he utilizes the tactics of the owners and front office brass to assemble and build. Is it too much like being a boss? Does he suppose to stay in his place and let those who can’t do, teach? Is he supposed to take what he is given and be appreciative of that and be a good worker? The thing that I find comical is that the ones who criticize him the most look just like him. But then I digress. However, I would note my last line.

Readers,  there are going to be those who look like you, dress like you, speak and go to some of the same places as you. They may smile in your face and even praise you while in your your presence. While at the same time whispering, hinting, and conspiring with others to usher in your demise. I can’t tell you that they want succeed. I can only tell you that these “agents of chaos” exist. They exist because there is nothing sensational or titillating about positivity; it doesn’t sell. And trust me there are tons of those who are waiting to “sell out” just to sell a story or position themselves to be the one to bring about another person calamity. Again, as the poet Jay Z say this is nothing unusual “it’s politics as usual.” My advice, just continue to boss up. Oh and by the way LeBron and the Lakers won last night. Shout out to my partner from the Bay area who being rocking with both the Lakers and the Warriors. You got some explaining to do.

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