Missing Reparations…But We Have Debt Though

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I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing words or policies that comes from the lips of any politicians these days. Doesn’t matter if it is a Democrat, a Republican, or any of the numerous Independents who are seeking public office or already serving. They all remind me of this joke I once heard about lawyers and lies; instead of lawyers you just  replace them with politicians and the jokes still works. So, recently when I read that some potential Democratic Presidential candidates were backing the idea of giving reparations for descendants of slaves (roughly 47,411,470 Black Americans), I instantly thought both timing and angles. However, this is not a mathematical blog so it should not take my readers (who are the smartest on the planet) to figure out their angles. But, we digress. For those who may not be up to speed; of course the proposed backing is to solidify votes as well as perhaps sway votes from the opposite party in order to increase their chances of winning an election. It’s a strategic maneuver; a pretty clever one at that. However, it is at the expense of those 47 million or so Black Americans who will never see dollar one of the trillions of dollars’ worth of reparations that the United States owes to the descendants of slaves. And this is where you lose those of us who don’t drink the proverbial “kool-aid” that is presented before us. But, I come from the school of action where you don’t cite a problem without offering a realistic solution; and folks do I have one.

My solution is to wipe out all debts of descendants of slaves, both deceased and alive, in lieu of reparations which we will never receive anyway. Now before some say “I don’t have debt,” that is cool and congratulations; but there is someone in your family who more than likely up to their eyeballs in debt. Now of course, no one is responsible for the debt occurred except those of us have have occurred it; that’s such a true statement. However, the hows and whys are not what we are arguing; besides there will be a few stipulations that are attached to the erasing of the debt which won’t be buried in the fine print either. One such stipulation would be mandatory financial literacy classes to ensure that we understand how money works. Now, we understand that this class will not instantly put us on a equal playing field with some of the other races, who have had either already received reparations which were paid to them because of the atrocities committed against them or because their race have been afford a 400 year head start on the descendants of the slaves; we understand that. Which is why, I suggest this solution instead.

They way I figure, and I could be making too much or no sense at all, is that by just wiping out the debt of every living adult Black America first, we are giving the United States one heck of a discount. I mean trillions versus maybe a billion; give or take 2 or 3. At least it’s cheaper than the amount requested to build the wall. Now for the deceased Black Americans who are no longer with us, a trust would be set up in the name of both the patriarchal and matriarchal heads of all slaves and freedmen since 1600. Hold on, I know that would be huge dollar amount, but I have a solution to that as well. The trust will only be given to the grandchildren of married couples (which will go in effect at the time of this solution being adopted) who stay married to the same person for a minimum of 35 years (see we have to reestablish the family unit in our communities). There will be stipulations and non negotiables to this as well, and you won’t have to read the small fine print but instead you can find in any of your religious guidelines. I think this is logical so we can ensure that we hold each other accountable and we do what we have to do to ensure that our children’s children are taken care of, right?

Guys I know that I have to do a little bit of research and number crunching to solidify this possible solution. But, for this to be only a rough draft from my brain to this blog, it makes more sense than asking for reparations which the government is not in a financial position to to give. Heck , they have a hard enough time balancing a federal budget. Speaking of the government, this is a win win scenario for you. Black Americans has more buying power and spends more money than any other race of people on the planet. So inevitably this solution will increase revenue across the board, tax revenue will skyrocket, the national debt will be paid off in perhaps a generation and tons of other  financial benefits which I am not aware of (but I will be if my solution is enacted) will be the outcome. The only difference in the all of these increases is that we will be more responsible in what, who, and where we send our money. Just a thought.

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