High Time for the Use of CBD

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The date: 2000 (I think). The time: about noon (… I think). The place: Missoula, Montana. Event: Missoula Hempfest.

In August of 2000, Marines from 3/2 were deployed to the usually picturesque state of Montana. Picturesque in that we are talking about the Rocky Mountains. The West is out there somewhere. Elk, Moose, Wolves, and many legends like Bigfoot and other creepy legends call this part of this beautiful part of the country home. Most importantly, Anheuser Busch Beer gets the cold water used to brew its world-renowned beer from out that way (…I think). However, for myself and the other 1000 or so Marines that deployed to this area; the scene was all but picture perfect.

Acres of pristine land and forest were being decimated by raging fires that showed no signs of giving up. After a few weeks, we along with the brave forest fighters and fireman from across the country, was successful in getting the blazes under control. Those are moments that I will never forget and stories that I tell any of my friends who will listen. Of course, the fires gets bigger, hotter, and the stakes always seems to increase; but in the end we were able to get the get the job done.

As a show of gratitude, although we were fed extremely well and sleep under one of the most beautiful skies (Norway’s night sky is quite impressive), we were given a few days of liberty. Some of my friends went to Minnesota, Illinois, and Nevada. Me, being the country boy that I am, decided to try my luck at catching some trout in a local creek or river. That creek or river ending up leading in what looked to be downtown Missoula (…I think) which was having a hempfest. Pause. Because I know what some of you are thinking; “as if the smoke from the fires weren’t enough.” And that is what this blog post is about.

Today while I was getting ready for work, I watched an interesting story on the morning news. The story was about states whose residents are unsure on whether the use of CBD is legal or illegal. Well to the uneducated ones, which I was prior to my fateful day along the banks of the Clarke Fork River (…I think), they will say it’s illegal because it’s just like marijuana. To be honest; they are almost correct. The two plants are almost identical; except hemp does not have the amount of THC within its genetic make up to cause humans to become high. In other words; it’s the smoke without the high. That’s if you smoke it though.

The individuals on the morning news who were utilizing CBD (hemp oil) were not smoking the plant but was digesting it through the form of a capsule. Regardless of the method of use these individuals choose to use the CBD, based on fact that it aided in their improved conditions associated with their illness, the results can’t be denied. From chronic pain due to joint and bone alignments to the proven significant decrease in spasms and pain associated with Multiple sclerosis as well as Parkinson Disease; the time is past due that there clear guidelines, both federally on a state level, that clears the use of CBD. If and when this happens; we are can take the thinking out of the equation. (…I think).

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Forgiving Ferry?

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You gotta be kidding me. No I’m not talking  about the fact that out of all the more pressing news that is impacting the globe; the chief media concern is Jussie Smollett. Really? If I’m not mistaken, scratch that, I’m certain that the  FBI just thwarted a potential terrorist attack by former Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson. His targets were TV journalists and Democratic presidential candidates. Now as a educated Black man, I would want to know about this individual because his vow is to “establish a white homeland.” Wow. But then, why should I should be even be shocked. However, what is shocking to me is the decision making of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans.

A week or so before the NBA All Star Festivities, the Pelicans relieved their General Manager Dell Demps. To be honest, Demps has been in a no win situation since the Chris Paul and LA Lakers trade was vetoed by Commissioner David Stern, who was the acting owner of the Pelicans. Fast forward almost a decade later and we have the Anthony Davis fiasco which again includes the Pelicans and the LA Lakers. Except this time it was not a NBA Commissioner acting  as an owner but the actual owner and front office brass of the Pelicans who axed the generous trade offer from the LA.Lakers. Dell Demps, two huge trade failures, which included potential future Hall of Famers; yeah, your days were certainly number. As, an educator and not a NBA front office executive, I can’t criticize the owners decision to fire Demps. However, I can question who was hired as General Manager “in waiting.”

If you have been following any of my social media pages: Spoken Words (Facebook) or Allmanstuffincluded.blog; then you know that I love all sports franchises from the great state of Georgia. This includes the Atlanta Hawks; and yes I say it with my chest out too. Go Hawks. So imagine my surprise when the Pelicans announced that Danny Ferry would be acting General Manager while a search insues for someone to fill the position on a permanent basis; which it seems the Pelicans have found. And that person is…drum roll please….Danny Ferry. Why is this a big deal? Well if you follow the NBA or if you are a Hawks fan, then we are all too familiar with Danny Ferry and his colorful talent scouting verbiage.

I’d just moved to Atlanta in 2014 and was looking forward to catching some of the ball games from all of my favorite professional sports organizations. Then the Danny Ferry story broke. Ferry was accused of using racially insensitive remarks to describe the characteristics of NBA player Luol Deng, who is from South Sudan. While Ferry said he was only repeating the scouting report from a scout who described Deng as “having a little African in him…nice guy but would have a nice storefront  but will sell you counterfeit stuff out the back.” However after negative backlash from Civil Rights leaders in Atlanta, delayed or careful reprimands from the ownership group of the Hawks, and perhaps fear of  a possible hit on ticket sales for the upcoming season; Ferry took an indefinite leave from the Atlanta Hawks. Thus, my shock and dismay that Ferry is back.

In a league where the overwhelming majority of the players have a “little African” in them and an individual who seems to look at this as an possible detriment, yet is responsible for the hiring and firing process; it is mind boggling to me how this is even happening. But then again, I recall that is was NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who didn’t think that the Hawks should fire Ferry. I guess he was already in the process of Forgiving Ferry.

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