I Couldn’t Make This Up If I Tried.

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You know as skilled and talented of a writer as I am; some of these stories and capers people try and pull off are shocking, sad, and for many salacious. However as a writer who has vowed to write creatively within all genres of literature in a redemptive manner; it is becoming more and more difficult to stick with my vow. This is a great segue into the plethora of debauchery that is mudding up the headlines in the news recently? I’ll try and be brief and fair.

First and foremost, as a Black male living in America, I feel it is only right that I address certain things that we need to handle and handle with urgency. A few weeks back I wrote a piece titled, Ever Heard the cliché “You’re slip is showing…” Well we need to Look Down. If you have not read it, I think that you should; it’s a good read. It concerns high profile persons whose deeds are now catching up to them. And while I will always take a nonnegotiable stance against predatory individuals who harm our youth (I’ll address that as well); some things are just stupid. Where was I? Oh yeah…Black man living in America. Did Jussie Smollett blackmail the two brothers into committing the supposed crimes? And why did he choose two Black males (see how I did that. I told you guys I’m nice)? He stated that racial slurs and homophobic obscenities were used against him during the commission of the alleged attack; this is what he told the whole world as well as the authorities handling the investigation. And the cops ended questioning two brothers who are brothers (let that sink in for a moment). Holy Moly!

Speaking of holy. Seems these days the Vatican can’t stay out of the news. Of course it’s the Priests again. No not for what you guys are thinking; not this time. This issue is concerning Priests who have children as their….no that’s not going to read well. This issue is concerning Priests who actually father children…that’s much better. See, it’s always my male species that will find a loophole or a shortcut to anything. Not one time have I ever heard of Sister Theresa going against the Faith and having to ask for maternity leave. Guys there are actually rules and documents which exists that deal with Fathers who are fathers. No joke.

The following is no laughing matter. Earlier I told you about my stance on predatory individuals who harm our youth. While I try my best to allow the judicial proceedings to do it justice (I can’t believe I am writing this statement); man a 3rd tape! A wrote a piece called “Smoke or Fire,” that addresses the consequences of rushing to judgement; and I am totally against rushing to judgment. But man a 3rd tape! First there should not have been a first tape to begin with. Also, if this is true; this guy is out of his mind.

And since we are on the subject of mindless. The President’s State of the Union Address I heard was mind boggling. While I did not watch it live; I did have a chance to skim through a few minutes of it. Three words:  Lies and Comedy. No the country is not the best it has ever been (Lies). Then there are the many faces that Nancy Pelosi shown during the parts of the speech I watched (comedy). Until next blog post guys; I’m out.

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