Educators, I Salute You!

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You are awesome. From the god awful time of the morning times that you wake up in the morning, just to jot down on a sticky lying on the night stand an idea or strategy to teach a concept in class the next day so you won’t forget. You are awesome. Each time that you put on your theatrical cap to play a role in order to entertain a group of adolescents into paying attention to something other than the newest and latest gadgets and technological devices. Darn you Fortnight. You are awesome because in spite of those latest gadgets and technological devices, and unbeknownst to the students, you are still able to use those same latest gadgets and technological devices to get them to engage. You are awesome because when so many other adults find that you are an educator, they respond with the classical, “I don’t know how you do it” or “I couldn’t teach these kids these day;” your response is (your fill in the blank but keep it PG please) ____________________. Yet like clockwork, you get up each day and get to the business of educating again. You are awesome because it is understood that while our impact is not compensated handsomely in dollars and cents; we receive a kind of supplemental pay with words of affirmation from parents, grandparents and most importantly our students in the words: “Had it not been for you believing in me, or my child, or my grandchild…” You are awesome because you chose a profession that impacts every profession in the world. You are awesome because you choose to be awesome each day.

You are special. Each time that you are about to engage in a very brief lunch break, and I mean brief; you still answer that knock at your door. Knowing that it is a perhaps student who is in need of something. You are special because on many occasions you forgo your anticipated lunch because you overheard or either your educator’s senses kicked in and you noticed that a student doesn’t look like he or she hasn’t been eating or could be in trouble. You are special because you do not let the words ‘can’t,” ‘no,” or “incapable” fester in your presence; but instead permeate the air with hope and limitless possibilities not just through words but by your actions and deeds. You are special because like a farmer, those seeds that you plant in your students will not return immediate gratification; but in due time with love, care, and nurturing those same seeds will blossom and bring forth good fruit. You are special because you continue to feed humanity one planted seed at a time.

Educators I salute you. If I could give each of you whatever amount of money you ask for; I would without hesitation. However, I painfully and apologetically know that even then that would not be enough. Your worth is invaluable. Your dedication is unmatched. Your effort is without precedence. You are both awesome and special. You are an Educator and if no one else tells you; you are truly appreciated.

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