If not for you then at least for them.

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“Enjoy each day like is your last!” I must have heard this phrase a thousand and one times. Never really gave it much thought it. Usually because it was a parting shot; somewhere in a lounge or party atmosphere to commemorate someone’s accomplishment. You know; something just to say. However, over the last few years (maybe because I’m getting older or just life in general) I have found myself trying my best to follow this quote. As an educator I hear and see things from our youth that makes it hard for me to sometimes put a smile on my face; but it is a smile that I must wear for both my and their sanity.

Sadly, just a year and a day after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, another mass shooting took place in Aurora, Illinois on yesterday. So. before I go any further, I would like to send my condolences to the families of the victim in both of those senseless shootings. I also pray to The Most High that he gives comfort to all of those affected by these actions (which has become all too common now) of these individuals. While I know no words of comfort from me or anyone for that matter will bring those victims back to the families; I hope that my plea to all of us, who are still living, to take heed to a few of my words.

“Enjoy each day like is your last!” This must be one of those phrases that has a truism about that is deeply rooted inevitably in reality. We do not know, nor can we control the day that we will no longer be here in the physical. However, we can certainly control how we choose to handle any situation that we come across each day. We can choose to love or hate; quit or fight; smile or frown. We can choose to look at the glass as half empty or half full. We can choose whatever emotions or actions in handling any situation that comes our way. Just choose the one that is going to allow you to have joy in abundance. Make the decision that will allow you to smile for no reason. Jump up and down, not because of exercise; but because you have legs and arms. Take that trip to whatever part of the world that you have been putting off for the last day, month, year, or decade. “Enjoy each day like is your last!”

The victims of these mass shootings were all robbed of the chance to see their loved ones, to embrace life, or too make memories that they would have been able to look back on in their golden years. However, you and I still are blessed to have that opportunity. I do not know any of the victims and I can’t speak for them or the families of the victims. However, what can be done is that we live our life to the fullest and that we make sure to embrace each day and  cherish every breath that we take while here on earth. If you can’t do that for yourself at least do if for all those who had they’re opportunity snatched from them.

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