Out with the Old. In with the New.

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In 2002 the Baltimore Ravens made NFL history by hiring Ozzie Newsome as the first Black General Manager. The ex-NFL player and Hall of Fame Tight End had been a part of the Brown’s organization since he retired from Cleveland in 1990. Since Newsome’s hire, the Ravens has been to the pinnacle of the NFL and has consistently been at the top or near the top of the league in many of the defensive statistical categories. With a litany of NFL Hall of Famers and pending Hall of Famers, and the majority of the picks coming after Newsome’s arrival; the decision to hire Ozzie Newsome has proven to be the single most important hire in the NFL. That is until today. And as fate would have it; the Baltimore Raven again has chosen to take a full step in a direction that many teams haven’t come around to doing.

The Baltimore Ravens today traded Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos. Thus making it clear that not only will the league have another Black starting quarterback (barring any injuries); but that the Ravens are sold on the idea of allowing the talented Lamar Jackson to utilize all of his God given talents to excel at the quarterback position. Which will be the first time this style of play from the quarterback position with will be seen, due to the absence of offensive coaches insisting that Jackson transition into a traditional quarterback. I know that some will argue that Mike Vick (the greatest NFL athlete I witnessed with my own eyes) was able to play this style of play; I would agree that he played how he wanted to play because he was better than the other 21 players on the field. However, Vick’s style was still not offensively packaged while in Atlanta (when he was in his prime) to force team to cover the whole field. Many of the unbelievable plays Vick engineered (mostly runs) were because of no one being open or pressure in the pass game. Again Vick made it happen because he is simply faster than anyone on the field, perhaps even today. But what the Baltimore will do with a Vick like, Lamar Jackson, will revolutionize what we see from the quarterback position.

Jackson is that combination of raw speed, cat like reflexes, and showed football savviness not normally seen from a rookie quarterback. He was responsible for the Ravens making it to the playoffs; and the Ravens were responsible for him being able to show his talents without the burden of wholesale changes to his amazing skill set. While this decision may or may not work, which Jackson seems to making all the right moves in order to make it work, at least we see a team willing to take that chance. Which will be interesting with the emergence of the ever popular Kyler Murray entrance into the league this upcoming season. So congrats to the Ravens and their spirit of change; Arizona Cardinals you’re up next.<a href="http://Shop Amazon Devices – Fire TV Trade-In Offer“>