Smoke or Fire?

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I’ve often heard the saying “where there is smoke there is fire.” This cliché was used as an expression when an occurrence happened that caused a significant difference of reasoning or deducing. Not like trying to figure out who is better Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Michael Jackson or Prince. Kenny Rogers or Willie Nelson. Judge Joe Brown or Judge Joe Mathis. You get the point. Those are all non-consequential. To each opinion, his or her own. An individual’s choice in either of these matters will not determine policies, legislation, nor possible imprisonment. Enters the state of Virginia. One of the 13 original colonies. Beautiful coastlines and producer of some of the world’s finest fish and seafood; she is indeed a beautiful state. And though she does rest in between the Atlantic Ocean and the gentile Appalachian Mountains; she has eluded the fire storms which has decimated some of her sister cities on the Pacific Coast. That is until recently.

The current political debacles and incompetence running amuck 3 and ½ hours due north east of the capital city of Virginia, pales in comparison to what her incumbents are desperately trying to maneuver through. There is a governor who has admitted to dressing in black face while in college. The Attorney General soon followed suit; yep he too likes to paint his face and pretend to be black as well. While these acts are not criminalistics in nature, deplorable, but not criminalistics; it has cast a dark cloud over the capitol city and the whole state of Virginia. And then there is the Lt. Governor. Allegations of rape and sexual assault from two women who he admitted to having consensual sex with; has definitely sent out smoke signals to all things media related. However, I would caution against the fire.

An allegation of sexual misconduct and rape are crimes that are not be taken lightly. However, it becomes incumbent on the media outlets to allow the proceeding to materialize in either civil or criminal court. This diligence is not only beneficial for the oncoming investigation (which is most definitely going to happen) but also the accusers and the alleged rapist. Rapist. Whatever your feeling was when you read it, is the same feeling I had when I typed it. Such a strong and negative aura surrounding the word; as it should be. If proven guilty that tag should be forever attached to him for taking away both physically and mentally something that did not belong to him. However, if this crimes are unfounded for whatever reason, he will forever be viewed with suspicion and negativity. In saying that; is there smoke? Absolutely. An allegation of rape alone warrants an investigation. However, two allegations of sexual misconduct to include rape, deserves all the proper judicial attention allegations of this nature is entitled to receive. However, while there is smoke and it looks to be getting smokier by the day; there is no fire.

I like everyone else who is watching this unfolds, should be aware and cautious of a rush to judgement. The precedence has already been set for individuals who have denied, denied, denied to only confess after the screws of their consciousness became too much for them to bear. Then vice versa, there have been those who have accused, accused, accused to only confess after the screws of their consciousness became too much for them to bear. However, in these types of scenarios (rape allegations); the accuser walks away unscathed while the accused will forever be looked at with negativity and curiosity. Again, I reiterate, if these accusations are true, there punishment for the accused should fit the crime regardless of how much money or political backing is involved. However, there has to be consequences for knowingly leveling accusations of this magnitude against someone. This is only fair. At least that is what Judge Brown would say. Or is that Judge Mathis.