If not for you then do it for our love ones.

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I feel off from working out for the last few weeks and to be honest; I feel refreshed. Well, I do feel a bit disappointed in my not going to the gym; but not enough to beat myself up over it. Of course I wish I would have not missed the last few weeks, but as I prep my body for the upcoming work out session; I am convinced that I (especially my shoulder) needed time to recoup; which many of my peers and a few workout buddies were telling me recently. My response was simple. I am a Marine. Although a veteran; I don’t need no stinking rest. Oh contraire, per discomfort of my aching shoulder.

Men, one of the dumbest things that we can say in response to the nagging aches and pains that we often overlook is: “I am a man” or “It will go away.” This has put many of our brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, and fathers in dire health conditions and sometime even much worst. Those minor aches and discomforts many times masks aliments which if detected early, may be remedied by a physician. I am aware that as men, we despise visits to the doctor’s office. It doesn’t matter if it’s a yearly check-up or a bad bout of flu-like symptoms. The visit always end with the same results; meds and miss work days. Trust me, I understand.

Which is perhaps why I am writing this blog. Not so much to encourage you guys to go; but to force myself to go. Yes, I stated earlier in the blog that my shoulder was giving me warning signs that I probably need to seek attention. Well, unlike my stomach which showed me that I needed to lay off several things, my shoulder looked fine. That is until nighttime, when it was time to catch some much needed rest from, yep you guessed it, heavy lifting. The pain was intense, but nothing that a rub down of some military grade prescribed cream couldn’t fix. Wrong! The pain persisted; it even decided to accompany me to the gym. I had to actually clamp down on a towel when working my shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Crazy, I know and I agree. Which is again why I am writing this blog.

I am concerned that the Veteran Affairs will want to have surgery instead of therapy. I am concerned that I will miss days from work. I am concerned about being a burden to others who may have to see about me. It is amazing at the amount of excuses that I have allowed myself to stand in between me and having the doctor at least x-ray the shoulder. Men, we have to take care of our body. If not for us then for the people who depends on us to be there every day for them. So, whether it is nagging ache, persistent headache, or just a check-up; take care of your health and body. Because you can’t live without it.