And in the end…It was Brilliant.

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Call it karma or give whatever name you please to surmise your sentiments toward the total mismatch which was Super Bowl 53; you can’t deny that it was brilliant. From the NFL’s attempt at being socially conscious, the better than average creative advertising, and it’s ability to capture the alluring storyline; this year’s Super Bowl was brilliant. Yeah, sure the halftime show was less than memorable but as the saying goes: you can’t please everyone. However, if you are true fan and student of the greatest game ever created; then you my compadres recognize that this game  was brilliant. Now for those of you who are counting, yes, I have used the word brilliant 4 times. Well five if you count that I just used it 13 words ago to point out the fact that that I used the word…nevermind; but hey,who’s counting. Of course, by now we know that The New England Patriots won 13-3 against the Los Angeles Rams; that whole thing I did with the numbers was purely coincidental. However, the trip to the Proverbial “taken out to the back of the woodshed,” which the old sage (Belichick) did take the “new kid on the block (Mcveigh) wasn’t; matter of fact it was brilliant.

One of the funniest sports movies I ever watched was “Water Boy.” The story of Bobby Boucher and his triumphant over lack of self-confidence, a speech impediment, and his over-bearing mother to become a great player thanks in large part to his “high quality H2O.” However, there is one scene in the movie that captured last night’s game and the truism in what we know in football: offenses put the fans in the seats but defense wins championships. In the movie Boucher and his team’s head coach, Coach Klein, is visibly shaken and afraid of the Boucher’s former employer, Coach Red. Boucher gives Coach Klein a bit of advice and tells Coach Klein to picture Coach Red as a baby and he will be fine. Coach Klein does and just like that his fear is gone. Now, I did not see Bobby Boucher nor any of the high quality H20 on the sideline; but there were times when the Gerber Baby’s head was on the shoulders of the sports medi’s newly minted “offensive mastermind.”

For some of the Rams offensive possessions (to be honest more like most) it seemed like they couldn’t figure out what was coming their way. Whether stunts and blitzes from the front seven (which they didn’t have to do much of) or the coverage disguised by the no name secondary; the Ram’s offensive execution  was an excuse in futility. Yes, one can look a the fact that Todd Gurley (the Rams best weapon) was not hitting on all cylinders and Cooper Kupp (the breakout wide-out) injury further hindered the chances of the Rams making a competitive matter of the game. Yet they, like the New England Patriots, were given two weeks to prepare for their opponents and were outschemed. Notice I did not, nor dare I say, out played or out manned. The effort was evident; however the execution and scheme was anemic at best.

Why so harsh on the Rams some may ask? However,it is neither with harshness or even venom in which I write this post. What this piece is though is a critic on the shenanigans of those in the media who are so quick to put labels and titles on individuals such as being “great,” “prodigies,” or “brilliant”  before those individuals go through the fire. I listened to the media call Shaun Mcveigh everything except the second coming of Bill Walsh and ignoring the fact that but for a pretty stout defense, a certain non call in the Bayou and the numerous touches and powerful running of Gurley (which I think aided in his ineffectiveness over the last half of the season); Mcveigh would just be another head coach in the NFL who got a shot and is trying to the make the most of it at. Which is way this victory is so brilliant.

Bill Belichick was able to right (at least for one evening) what is wrong with the mindset of  these fly by night commentators who think that because a new gimmick or fad ruffles the feathers of some teams; that it warrants the above mentioned accolades and adjectives. And while, the eclipse may have been a few weeknights ago, which I did not get a chance to see; although from what I heard it was beautiful. I did get the chance to see Super Bowl 53 and while it was certainly not beautiful; it was brilliant.