Reach the Masses, Teach the Masses.

There seems to be fewer and fewer things left in the world that we live in today where one can say, and truly mean it when they say: “today I left a positive imprint on the masses; especially our youth. Sure, for those of us who are blessed to have our own children who will carry the torch and our name; we hope that they accomplish this with pride and diligence. Well at least that is what I am hoping that my son continues to do. He is truly an amazing young man. Perhaps he is the catalyst these days that propels me daily to try and make each day that I walk into my school a better day than the day before for all+ my students. Without one shred of doubt and ounce of regret…. I love Teaching and Education. More importantly is the realization that our youths are…. Phenomenal.
As a young man growing up in Southwest Georgia, I could not get enough of reading. It was as if each word, each setting, or each character gave me a personal invitation to come an be part of their world. My mother was a strong advocate of reading and making sure that we knew the importance of education. My father told me that the world is full of dummies and already has enough of them; don’t go and add your name to the list. Despite whatever trials or tribulation my family endured (I’m a 80’s baby) I could always escape or find solace, if just for a moment, in a book. Which is why I think that it is each human responsibility (those humans are positively productive) to reach and teach our youth when given the opportunity. And if not given the opportunity; find or make one.

As an educator I see and fight each day against an enemy that does not believe in taking a day off. They offer many of the things that I and other educators tell them to stay away from. Unfortunately for us, what we are offering is not glamorous, is not instantaneous, and is not easily earned. However, and despite the flaws of historical education, once earned can be a springboard to obtaining self-realization and prosperity. Education once obtained is one intangible that can not be taken; and when shared can turn the down trodden into Kings and Kings into beggars.

This is the power of education. This is why I love teaching. Our ability to spark the flame in the mind of someone who may go on to make humanity better is truly fulfilling. Yet, this is not the reason (and I hope I am correct in my assessment; if not let me know teachers) for doing what we do? The reason are moments that can’t be quantafied by compensation (though we can want complain if we made more) nor can be qualified by how many students pass The End of the Courset Test (even though we are sometimes graded more harsh than the students). The moments are subtle. It is the look in a student eyes when he or she realizes that: someone believes that I can learn. It is the moment when a student says, “and I was about to give up…but I came to your class one more time.” It is the moment when a parent say to you: “my student talks about how much you personally have meant to their success.” It is the moment that you realize that you are a teacher because it is in your DNA. It is in your bones. It is the moment when you realize that this is more than a job; it is the realization that you were chosen to teach the masses and reach the masses.