The Cast of Characters in Life Imitating Art…or Vice Versa.

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Scene: Round wooden table. Eight shadowy figures sit around a table littered with photos and filed envelopes with the words “Top Secret” stamped on them. The envelope partially covers an insignia of an eagle with a ribbon in his beak. A large round figure enters the room and the seated rise to their feet and in unison says: Good morning Mr. Presi… (the sentence is inaudible because the theme music from Puzo’s Godfather saga begins)

This is the scene that I envision each time the current administration begins any of it’s meetings. Maybe I’m a little cinematic in my depiction but what is not scripted (and if it is; then life is really imitating art) is the border line criminalistic and rogue like behavior that is associated with many of the advisors and behind the scene figures presently serving or who have served and are not in service any longer for whatever reason. And while I may be a novice at best in my attempts to paint the clear picture; the individuals involved are doing their best to act out the parts.

On October 15, 1970 the federal government created an act that supposedly leveled the playing field in the fight against “gangsters” and “good guys.” The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, referred to as the RICO Act, helped to put away heads of criminal enterprises and organization that ordered or influenced the criminal deeds but who did not themselves participate in the commission of the crime. I know, a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo; so let me kind of give you an example or paint the picture. And since we already have a scene in the opening; I’ll just continue with my depiction. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Let’s just pretend that the round man that enters the room name is …. Felonious Rump. And seated around the table is a host of people with rather interesting names as well: Pike Sense, Maul Panafort, Michael Bohen, Michael Wynn, Seff Jessions, Soger Rone, and 3 other individual whose names I have not created yet. Yet, for some reason I think I will give them an Eastern European make-up. After Felonious Rump takes a seat all of the others follow suit. Then they began to engage and devise a scheme that if they were ever to get caught would have very dire consequences. Maybe even significant amount of jail time. They all receive their respective roles and responsibilities and commence in carrying out the scheme. However, and through a litany of unfortunate occurrences, the gig is up. And several of the key figures are caught, some jailed, and some awaiting their day before the court of law. Yet the obvious head of the enterprise or organization, Felonious Rump remains free; for now. Now let’s pretend that a special counsel were to convene and look into the actions of Felonious Rump and in what appears to be shaping into a continuous or habitual violations of laws (some civil); then the RICO Act may be enacted. Now of course this scene is strictly fictional; even if there seems to be what some may view as eerily  similarities between my scene and the current political shenanigans shaking up the White House. Coincidental or not; I plead the 5th.  End of story; for now.


Ever heard of the cliché: “Your slip is showing?” Well….we need to look down.

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Just like all lessons in life should not be forgotten; there are some clichés and idioms that should never leave your thoughts as well. I’m not talking about the ones like: “step on a crack break your mother back.” Imagine if there was even an ounce of accuracy to that. The number of orthopedic back specialist would skyrocket; and the use of opioids would almost double (what…wait…my research team just informed that 130 Americans die daily from opioids overdose). Well it’s not like pharmaceutical companies are profiting from the millions of Americans being prescribed powerful opioids to… (shhh…what…more hand gestures from the research department…oops). I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah…clichés and idioms. I’m not referring to the ones like: “don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.” Really? So, basically cheat yourself. So, what am I referring to? I’m referring to clichés and idioms that make one check his or herself. Those that make one check their moral compass; their character; their ability to do and stand for what is right regardless of what it may cause (crickets). I may lose some followers or potential followers today. Well I have a cliché for you in advance: “A hit dog will holler.”

I remember my beautiful mother sometimes telling my brother or I before Sunday morning church, to go the corner store to buy stockings (if she had money left over from bills) or knee-highs (if things were kind of tight) for her so we all could attend church service. This was a daunting task in that I knew I had to get in and out as quick as possible to make sure that my friends did not see my purchase. What can I say; I was young at the time. I never really question what my mother did or why she did it; I just watched and learned. This went for my father as well. Yet, I always wanted to know why she would insist that she walked out the house with what she considered “appropriately.” It wasn’t until later in life I realized why. My mother was not only making sure that she felt that she was appropriate for her own satisfaction; she was also making sure that she set an appropriate example for my sisters and gave my brother and I an example of how a woman conducts themselves. However, this is not the purpose for this post. Well, not entirely. In addition to the stockings and other non-negotiables; my mother would always check my sister, as well as have them check her before they left the house, to see if their slip wasn’t showing. Note the words: before they left the house to show themselves in public. She made sure that “their slip wasn’t showing” before they left the house. Because the last thing you wanted to do was to have “your slip showing” and have someone not of your house to point it out. Get it. No! Well allow me to elaborate; cautiously but honestly.

While I used the above cliché, it is not intended in this post to be looked at literally; but more so from a figurative stand point. So, what is the figurative meaning of the aforementioned cliché? Simple. It means that you have exposed something that should be covered and not intended for public viewing or ridicule. Now, here is the dilemma. If one has to hide what ever that “it” is; it should not be there in the first place. Still not following? Okay, I am getting there; but cautiously.

Over the last few years I watched several high profiled entertainers see their deeds exposed. Now, I am not here to judge or talk guilt or innocent; that job is not left for any of us to do. Between guilt or clear conscious; judicial system or the divine wisdom of The Most High; all will be settled. However, “our slip is showing.” And it shouldn’t take what is being televised and exposed through media for us to see when things are not right. In addition, it is not nor has it ever been in our best interest to sit back and watch as things that are obviously not conducive for any of our well-being to be threatened. In plain proletarian language; “we have to check each other.” Especially when it comes to any degradation aimed at our youth. It should not matter from who. Family, friend, or stranger should all be held with the same scrutiny; no exception. When or if this returns to our thought process, the occurrences that seem to be happening with astonishing frequency would be an oddity and not what seems to be the norm. But then again I could just be “silly wishing.”