No eyebrows raised today…It was to be expected.

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The city of New Orleans is perhaps one of my favorite places to visit. Aside from the fact that it is home of the Saints, my team (Atlanta Falcons) rivals;  New Orleans has some of the best foods, best music, and a unique culture that you will not find in any other city in America (you may be a distant 2nd Savannah, GA). If you follow my blog or any of my other social media sites, you have read that I do consider New Orleans a second home. I had the opportunity to visit the fabulous locale and partake of its many elixirs other the years; and I would be telling an untrue if I said I did not enjoy it. However, as lovely as the city is, another high-profile players has indicated that they will not be making the city of New Orleans his residency.

Earlier today, Anthony Davis’ (affectionately known as The Brow), agent informed the New Orleans Pelicans that his client will not sign an contract extension with the franchise. Rich Paul, also Lebron James agent, informed the brass that Davis will not sign the $240 million-dollar extension that he will be eligible to sign this offseason. Both sides agreed that the move would be in the best of both party’s interest. Interesting. Now either I’m lost on the matter, or the Pelican seem to no know what they are about to lose. But then again, this is not new.

A few years ago, Chris Paul, one of the league’s premier point guards and a certain NBA Hall of Famer, was traded away from the team. Names and picks are nonconsequential. However the fact of the matter is that the trade was made and a center-piece of the franchise was shipped out.

Five years and we are at what is sure to be another bitter sweet moment for both the great cit and fans  of New Orleans as well as Anthony Davis. Maybe, and this is strictly from a outsider’s point of view, they should get whoever is doing those alligator and city tour guides to show the athletes of the New Orleans Pelicans what the city has to offer in get them to stay. But then again is from a Falcon’s fan, Let’s go Hawks.



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