Positively Speaking…

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When I tell you that I despise having a cold; I mean I really despise it. I dislike being sick so much that I would rather watch one thousand episodes of Lamb Chops ending theme song (The song that never ends) over, and over, and over, and over, and… (ouch…thanks publicists); but you get the picture. I would rather go shopping in The Mall of America with my girlfriend (which I can’t seem to find or keep for that matter) on the busiest day and watch as she spends hour, after hour, after hour in order to decide which blouse to buy that least likely will be worn by someone else. I would rather sit through two 8-hour sessions of Nancy Pelosi speaking to Congress in an attempt to persuade members of the GOP to vote for legislation that would make sense. You know things like immigration Reform, Health Care Reform, Tax Reform, The Wall, and Her Boss. I would rather watch the New Orleans Saints hoist the Lombardi Trophy in the Mercedes Benz Dome (Okay I’m lying; my hypocrisy only goes so far). Although thanks to the outstanding NFL officiating crew; I will not have to worry about that. Sorry Saints fans. However, that is how much I despise having a cold. It is both literally and figuratively draining. Almost unbearable. “Almost.”

So, this week this cold I have, has been kicking my John Brown hind parts. Guys it has been terrible. Dayquil throughout the day; Nyquil and my allergy pills (thank you Texas) interchangeably before night time. Heat turned all the way on Hades with two quilts to sweat it out; so yeah it has been miserable. Yet with one phone call from my son, and a few others, but especially my son; all was well. Why? Because his confirmation validated that he is a true believer in the spirit of positivity. One may ask; what the confirmation was? Well since you ask, I’ll tell you.

Like any typical teenager (he is 15) going through the trials of finding his niche and place in the world; he is learning. You know just old enough to know better; but still young enough to have a learning experience that is not detrimental to their health. Trust me there is a difference. So, he calls me and as usual gives me the run down on his day. School work, weight training, football, what he’s eating for dinner, and girls, in that order.

Then he asks me; “so Daddy how was work today?”

Now either he has mental telepathy, or he spoke with his mother prior; but whatever the case was I know I was going to have to be honest.

So, I told him, “Well Son I didn’t go to work today”

Now keep in mind that school was not in session on Monday due to King’s Holiday.

My Son without hesitation, my Son said Daddy “You got two off days this week; everything okay? “

Shots fired. If I thought the thermostat was hot.

I said, “Yeah Son this old cold had your Daddy feeling bad this week.”

And just like the young man we are doing our best to raise to be a man about his business and man of his words; my  Son hit me a one two punch mixed with a up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start combination (shout out to my Contra players from back in the days).

My Son said, “Daddy I know you didn’t lay in the bed all day. Because aint no little cold going to keep you down.”

MUTE. Guys I couldn’t find the Mute button fast enough. Why the mute button? Because I didn’t want him to hear me getting out the bed and moving things around and about to be able to honestly tell my Son the truth. Which is just exactly what I did.

I said, “Now come one Son, you know better than that. You know your Pops hadn’t been in the bed all day.” And at that moment I wasn’t lying. But up until that point I had been laying in bed all day because that cold with all and all those meds were getting the best of me. It’s safe to say that I walked around the place until he was ready to eat his dinner. Which I was glad wasn’t the usual 2-hour phone conversation that we have this time. So, what’s the point?

The point is that the ability to speak positivity works both ways. I am constantly telling my Son that his test and trials are a small thing to a giant. And in a split second he spit that same energy back to me. The crazy part is that I did not get back into the bed. I got up and was active. Prep myself for the next day and begin to put my topics together for the upcoming blog posts (Allmanstuffincluded.blog), as well as poetry site (Spoken Words) on Facebook. Shameless plug; well perhaps. But if all you got from those previous 817 or so words; then I probably lost you with Lamb Chops song that never ends. My Son amazes me; but then again it is written. “God ordains strength Out of the mouths of babes .”


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