The Late late showing with Lebron James and the Lakers…featuring Kyrie Irving?

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First let me confess that I am an Atlanta Hawks fan, simply but never regrettably, by birth state. Meaning that I was born in the great state of Georgia, which by fan law makes me inherently a fan of all sporting teams Georgia. I have lived by and breathed this rule my whole life; well almost. There have been only three athletes that have made me question my loyalty to my beloved Georgia sports team. Mike Vick when he left and went to Philadelphia.  Michael Jordan whenever Chicago came to the Omni and would battle it out with Dominique “Niq” Wilkins. Now most recently, and in my opinion the greatest phenom I have watched with my own eyes, Lebron James each time he steps on the court. Which, he hasn’t been doing much of as of late due to a groin injury. An injury that has the Las Angeles Lakers falling almost out of the early playoff picture. So, when fortune in the NBA gives you lemons…you just hope to catch a team overlooking you because they think you drank tequila. Which obviously is what happened last night as the Lakers stormed back from an early double-digit lead to outlast Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunders. As great as the much need comeback win was for the Lakers; it was largely overlooked by the narrative which  centered around two former teammates who were not even in the state of Oklahoma.

Kyrie Irving revealed that he called Lebron James to let him know that he now understands the method behind the perceived madness from James during their tenure together in Cleveland. With the Boston Celtics struggling and currently in 5th place in the Eastern Conference, although they were the earlier favorite to make it out of the Eastern Conference; could this signify a possible reunion of The King and Dr. Drew? I am just throwing that out there to the sport fans who will read this. Let me know what you guys think; Will Kyrie Irving be joining the Lebron and the Lakers before this year’s trading deadline? Leave comments and thoughts.


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