President Trump puts the P in Privilege

Is the State of the Union address in jeopardy? Pelosi asks Trump not to come to Capitol Hill

“You can’t make this stuff up; I dare you to even try.” I have quoted Sheriff Bell in my blogs before (shout out to Cormac McCarthy), but this quote is certainly most fitting considering the drama, more like comedy, that transpires almost daily at The White House. I’m telling, if these actions did not have such damning consequences, I would almost most certainly laugh. For those who haven’t been paying attention, I’ll give you a quick recap. Unfortunately, and I want to send up prayers to The Most High for the federal workers furloughed, this is day 27 of the government shutdown with what seems to not have an end in sight. And instead of trying to fix the crisis, tweedle Dee and tweedle…you know what I’ll just give the recap.

Due to the current fiasco, which is the government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, suggested in a letter to the Commander-in-chief that perhaps he should postpone the upcoming televised State of the Union Address and instead deliver the speech in writing. And in pre-puberty, no that’s not the right word. In pubescence, no that’s not the correct word either. And in primitive, well close but still not the correct word; I’ll come back when I find the correct word. Where was I, oh yeah, the President’s response. The President sent a letter (I’m guessing he is practicing for his potential State of The Union address) notifying Pelosi that her upcoming trip to the Middle East, with air accommodation provided by our military, would be postponed. To show I’m not biased, and that I just despise stupid adults, I’ll be addressing Nancy Pelosi and her supposed trip to the Middle East for the purpose of receiving an Intel report in a later post as well. He also suggested that instead she complete the trip at her own expense. No pun intended but it seemed that she got trumped. Oh, but the President was not finished. Less than 12 hours later Melania Trump, the President’s wife, took a $35,000 government jet to West Palm Beach, Florida for the purpose of…. wait I just figured out the word; privileged. Or was it petty. Maybe it was both, let me explain.

Privilege is what all three of these individuals publicly demonstrated amid what is an historic government shutdown. And since the Commander-in-Chief is largely to blame for this whole predicament, I’ll start with him. A couple of weeks ago, a speech was delivered to the Nation that made all the sense of putting lipstick on a pig. The world watched as President Trump made a mockery of the office of the President by stating inaccuracies after inaccuracies while playing on the intelligence of countless numbers of Americans affected by his arrogance; but we had to grin and bare it, besides there was nothing else on television. So, what makes you think that anything short of you saying that the government shutdown is over will be worth listening to.

Nancy Pelosi, you should have known that President Trump does not mind airing out his opponent’s dirty laundry; especially if it means that the negative light will be taken off of him or at least shared by his opponent. Your attentions may have been good with regards to going abroad to see the troops and receiving intelligence, as a Marine Corp veteran I respect that; however, you forgot to mention the trips in between that had nothing to do with government business. See you can’t criticize and champion morality when you too are taking advantage during a time when some of your constitutes are currently being taken advantage by the very government you you represent.

Melania Trump, what can I say? You know what, you are just are caught up in all of this. I don’t think when you signed up for this all those years ago by marrying then just Donald Trump, that you would have to think things through at a faster pace than middle school student. So, while you are getting a partial pass, you are still acting upon the principles of being privileged.

Now if you are reading this, then there is no need for me to address who is being petty. But if you need a hint; the person has presidential status. Meanwhile the government is still shutdown. Friday has rolled around on the calendar again and millions of people are watching worldwide as the privilege and the petty saga continues. When will it stop? Well let’s just hope the President tells us in his televised or written response during the State of the Union Address, if’s it not postponed like the government. Imagine that.




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