The Prince and the Pauper….but don’t forget About Purpose.

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I’m sure that we have all heard the idiom “the grass is always greener on the other side,” “or walk a mile in my shoe.” In all earnest these idioms couldn’t be any more different or opposite of each other; in fact, they are almost each other’s rebuttal. The first idiom assumes that the living is a bit more pleasant or favorable on one side; while suggesting that the other side is much worse. How would one know, unless they were looking for greener grass themselves? Which is a great segway into the other idiom; walk a mile in my shoe. Now this one is really a testament to that fact that either the person walking in their own shoes while walking their own mile, understands and accepts the good and bad that their journey entails. This suggests that one should learn to walk their own way (shout out to RUN DMC). Get it? Well if not, I shall continue. See in this life one would be better equipped to withstand the obstacles if they would appreciate the fact that each person has his or her own journey and no matter what the assumptions are; there is no such thing as one size fits all. Though I do have an omnipotent cobbler I can reference you to; but this is not the post for that. However, I do have a reference that I’m reminded of: The Prince and the Pauper (but please don’t forget about purpose).

In the story of The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, two kids switch roles(I want to notate the word kids, keep that in mind) in life due by way of their uncanny resemble to each other; one is a Prince and the other is not so prominent. However, after switching roles they both experience the highs and the lows of each other’s lives. The Prince’s life was a royal one of course; but is filled with corrupt customs and manners throughout the King’s court. The less prominent boy’s life was filled with the unexpected hardship and turmoil and when the Prince experiences this first hand, he vows to end the inequality whenever he returns to his court. Eventually the two kids return to their respective lives and the Prince (now the King) makes good on his promises. Simple enough story indeed. So, simple that if you are reading this, perhaps you can see how the idioms are parallel to the experiences of both the Prince and the pauper.

In life one may become enamored or filled with disdain by the outward appearance of an individual; be  it good or bad. However, what one does not see, in respect to who is being looked upon, is that reality can only be assumed. Each person born into this world has a purpose, doesn’t matter what pair of shoes one wears or what road one takes. While we cannot choose the conditions, we are birth into; we do have the ability to change the trajectory. This becomes a much harder tasks when we assume that another individual’s life is one to be desired with respect to your own circumstances in life. It is never what you can see that becomes the trigger point for disaster; it is the unseen that normally traps its victims. To wish for another man’s grass, or hand dealt, or birth’s circumstances while not tilling your own grass, playing your own hand dealt, or finding your own life’s purpose is a sign of a lack of intestinal fortitude; which in most cases leads to jealousy and envy. However, to the ones who doesn’t understand the term no or can’t; it adds fuel for their determination to succeed at all cost. Which one are you?


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