Either the President lost a bet…or he loves the SEC!

President Donald Trump talks to the media about the table full of fast food in the State Dining Room of the White House.

I can hear Coach Dabo Swinney’s voice echoing over his newly minted College Football National Championship team Clemson Tigers (both players and coaches) sounds of excitement: “Alright young men, ya’ll worked hard all summer and now here’s one of the fruits of your labor. Not only are you National Champions but how many of your friends will be able to say that had a chance to dine at the White House with the President of the United States of America. This is a moment that I can promise  you won’t soon forget.” The excitement must have that come over the coaches and player must have been almost exhilarating; perhaps only matched by the anticipation of dining amongst the leaders of the free world. Oh if I can only have that photos or videos of the before and after.

Now, I have never been invited nor have I ever had the opportunity to attend The White House; and to be honest I am not sure if I want to go; well at least not now (the food situation and all). But the one thing that I’ve never heard one negative thing about is the quality of food served. I mean the food would have to be grade A right. Not only does the food have to served to the individuals who work and at The White, but also to the dignitaries (both national and foreign) who have business to attend. Now if I am wrong then correct me but doesn’t the President and his friends and family members eat at The White House. But I digress. No, I can’t. When I was a young boy growing up in rural Southwest Georgia, I can attest to the fact that I did not have everything I wanted; but what I needed was there in abundance. Things like love, structure, compassion, giving before you look to receive, treat everyone as if they were someone, and most importantly if someone comes to your house to eat you give the visitors the best you have before you serve yourself. Call these teachings by my parents old fashion; but these teachings have gotten me far in life and has helped shape me to be the man I am today. These same teachings are what has been passed down to my son by his mother and I, because that’s how we were raised. From what I witnessed from the a few days ago and from what I’ve witness over the last year or two, there is only one question that has to be asked; who raised our Pres…never mind. But you can’t make this stuff up (and in the words of Sheriff Bell, No Country for Old Men); I dare you to even try.

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King were supposedly the favorite foods of the players form the team. Come on man. Really? Even if the alleged reason behind the choice of food is due to the above stated reason…come on man. What’s the old saying: I was born at night but not last night. A tradition that goes back decades, one filled with prestige and reverence, in the matter of an hour is tarnished and made a mockery of. Again, it goes back to the question; who raised…never mind. To be honest I do not know what is worst; the fact that this was the actual plan of attack for the team’s visit or the fact that not one individual from the administrative staff thought that this may not be a great look. From an economic standpoint, wouldn’t it have benefited a locally owned catering company to cook for the Champions? I’m almost certain those mentioned fast food chains would not miss the $1000 dollars spent on the meals. $1000…you know what I can’t. To save face, considering the fact that he and his administration id partly to blame for the employees’ responsible for cooking the meals for The White House being furloughed; wouldn’t this make sense. Perhaps? You know I think what would make even more sense; end this silly business over a wall so that our federal workers would not have to be furloughed. And I’m curious, if federal employees seemed to be responsible for and employed in domestic capacities; who is cleaning The White House? Just a question.