Bird Boxed by the Netflix…Like I didn’t see this one coming.

Image result for netflix raising prices 2019

Two dollars. I mean a whole two dollars. That is the amount of money that Netflix is increasing it price by. But to say I didn’t see it coming would be well…just say I knew that this was eventually going to happen. First I have to attest to the fact that I have been a loyal subscriber of Netflix long before the sultry phrase of “Netflix and chill” came along. For you individuals who are not up on the current lingo, Netflix and chill is a alcoholic beverage that you…no I’m just joking people. If you want to know; google it right after you google Allmanstuffincluded and follow the steps to follow my blog (shameless plug I know, but hey it is worth a try). Where was I…oh yes alcoholic beverages…no Netflix…no hangover…no price increase…okay, okay I remember it now; the price of Netflix is increasing by 2 dollars. Now some of you may ask; what’s a two-dollar increase. Well allow me to retort.

Well see back in my day two dollars….STOP; I promise myself that I would not become that teacher or person (notice that distinction between the two; teachers are Superheroes and people are just people) who begins a sentence with: well see back in my days. I promised myself that I would not do it. But like I said back in my day (we as teachers are also stubborn as well) two dollars would have put at least a full  tank of gas in a push lawn mower to go and make some money to put gas in my box Chevy to turn a few corners. That’s right, I owned a 86 Box Chevrolet Caprice in my high school days. But that’s not  the  point of this post. Th point is that two dollars is more than…well it’s more than $1.99. Which means a lot when you are at the counter trying to purchase something and you are short $2.00 because Netflix went from $11 dollars to $13. But you know you are good because you have overdraft protection set-up for a situation just like this. A two dollar situ…a two dollar situation. That is not what overdraft is suppose to be about. I am sorry guys; I know I am bugging. Here is the real deal.

There was once a time when we as Netflix customers complained to anyone that would listen about how there were no good movies on Netflix. Well now that we have our wish (dan gone you Birdbox), the powers that be at Netflix went back to the boardroom and decides to hike the prices up. If we wanted to go out and spend tons of money at the movie theatre with it’s overpriced popcorn, candy, and soda pop; then we would go the movie theatre. Instead we choose you Netflix so we don’t have sell the farm to take a significant other on a date (oh that sound worst than what I really mean). Besides, they don’t sell the alcohol beverage called “Netflix and chill” at the movie theatre. And if you are say you beg to differ; then you my followers need to ask for forgiveness. No really, you need to ask for forgiveness because you guys are just wrong on so many different levels.


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