All The World’s a Stage…and The United States is a sure in for Comedy of the Year

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As an English major, English High School teacher, and writer of creative Literature of all genres; I can spot great works of arts when I read or see it. I am certain of my suburb observatory skills because each day I turn on the news I am more convinced than from the previous day that we are now the laughing stock of both the civilized and uncivilized world. I can imagine other countries seating back with a container of popcorn and soda pop, watching the saga that unfolds like: “Hey honey hurry, hurry, the movie is almost on!” Then suddenly the theme music for NBC Nightly News or CBS Evening News comes on. This is how I picture it in my head daily. Why so cynical one may ask. Because I do the same thing. I watch the morning and evening news, sometimes local and sometimes nationally, just to see who and what characters will have a breakout performance. So, for this blog and in recognition of this year’s Academy Awards, I thought that I would hand out some hardware of my own. However, due to certain legal rights and possible pending fines and violations; my awards will be titled Allmanstuffincluded Awards. (As if you couldn’t guess it). Here are the categories and winners:

Best Male Actor Award: President Donald Trump for his portrayal of an actual president. Also, for his suburb acting skills in continuously convincing the Republican party and millions of others that a wall will stop the our neighbors in the south from crossing into the United States. News flash Mr. President, our neighbors are not coming illegally to the United States. Perhaps we are the visitors and they are just returning home.

Best Female Actor Award: Nancy Pelosi for portraying Nancy Pelosi. But, in reality is the character 2 -face from the Batman Series. How so? Pelosi supports same sex-marriage (to each his or her own); yet she is a devout Catholic who stated that she has the support of the Catholic church in backing her on her same-sex marriage stance. Really? Also, she states that she supports reform or the legalization of marijuana  for medicinal use of course; yet I have yet to see her in support of research and clinical trials on the state or federal level to aid in the progression of its use for medicinal purposes.

Best Male Supporting Actor Award: Mike Pence for his role as the supporting Vice President to the woefully under performing boss. It’s almost like he is waiting to jump ship or waiting to prove that he can do a better job. He looks like he knows something that he’s not telling. And we all know that the V.P. knows all about hiding secrets. Remember there was that whole campaign money and mortgage fiasco that Mike Pence avoided.

Best Female Supporting Actor Award: Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She wins this award hands down because she is from Hope, Arkansas. Enough said. The last hopeful we had from Arkansas…well let’s just say that he fooled a lot of us and he played the part well. However in her defense, Sarah takes more heat due to her boss actions than the planet Mercury does from the Sun. However each time she’s in front of the camera she puts on the bravest of faces.  Well almost always. I guess it true of the cliche that is said; act the part be the part.

Well this concludes the winners in the major categories for 2019 Allmanstuffincluded Awards. Keep your eyes open for the complete listing of winners which will be released in a later post. If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.




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