Bird Boxed by the Netflix…Like I didn’t see this one coming.

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Two dollars. I mean a whole two dollars. That is the amount of money that Netflix is increasing it price by. But to say I didn’t see it coming would be well…just say I knew that this was eventually going to happen. First I have to attest to the fact that I have been a loyal subscriber of Netflix long before the sultry phrase of “Netflix and chill” came along. For you individuals who are not up on the current lingo, Netflix and chill is a alcoholic beverage that you…no I’m just joking people. If you want to know; google it right after you google Allmanstuffincluded and follow the steps to follow my blog (shameless plug I know, but hey it is worth a try). Where was I…oh yes alcoholic beverages…no Netflix…no hangover…no price increase…okay, okay I remember it now; the price of Netflix is increasing by 2 dollars. Now some of you may ask; what’s a two-dollar increase. Well allow me to retort.

Well see back in my day two dollars….STOP; I promise myself that I would not become that teacher or person (notice that distinction between the two; teachers are Superheroes and people are just people) who begins a sentence with: well see back in my days. I promised myself that I would not do it. But like I said back in my day (we as teachers are also stubborn as well) two dollars would have put at least a full  tank of gas in a push lawn mower to go and make some money to put gas in my box Chevy to turn a few corners. That’s right, I owned a 86 Box Chevrolet Caprice in my high school days. But that’s not  the  point of this post. Th point is that two dollars is more than…well it’s more than $1.99. Which means a lot when you are at the counter trying to purchase something and you are short $2.00 because Netflix went from $11 dollars to $13. But you know you are good because you have overdraft protection set-up for a situation just like this. A two dollar situ…a two dollar situation. That is not what overdraft is suppose to be about. I am sorry guys; I know I am bugging. Here is the real deal.

There was once a time when we as Netflix customers complained to anyone that would listen about how there were no good movies on Netflix. Well now that we have our wish (dan gone you Birdbox), the powers that be at Netflix went back to the boardroom and decides to hike the prices up. If we wanted to go out and spend tons of money at the movie theatre with it’s overpriced popcorn, candy, and soda pop; then we would go the movie theatre. Instead we choose you Netflix so we don’t have sell the farm to take a significant other on a date (oh that sound worst than what I really mean). Besides, they don’t sell the alcohol beverage called “Netflix and chill” at the movie theatre. And if you are say you beg to differ; then you my followers need to ask for forgiveness. No really, you need to ask for forgiveness because you guys are just wrong on so many different levels.


All The World’s a Stage…and The United States is a sure in for Comedy of the Year

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As an English major, English High School teacher, and writer of creative Literature of all genres; I can spot great works of arts when I read or see it. I am certain of my suburb observatory skills because each day I turn on the news I am more convinced than from the previous day that we are now the laughing stock of both the civilized and uncivilized world. I can imagine other countries seating back with a container of popcorn and soda pop, watching the saga that unfolds like: “Hey honey hurry, hurry, the movie is almost on!” Then suddenly the theme music for NBC Nightly News or CBS Evening News comes on. This is how I picture it in my head daily. Why so cynical one may ask. Because I do the same thing. I watch the morning and evening news, sometimes local and sometimes nationally, just to see who and what characters will have a breakout performance. So, for this blog and in recognition of this year’s Academy Awards, I thought that I would hand out some hardware of my own. However, due to certain legal rights and possible pending fines and violations; my awards will be titled Allmanstuffincluded Awards. (As if you couldn’t guess it). Here are the categories and winners:

Best Male Actor Award: President Donald Trump for his portrayal of an actual president. Also, for his suburb acting skills in continuously convincing the Republican party and millions of others that a wall will stop the our neighbors in the south from crossing into the United States. News flash Mr. President, our neighbors are not coming illegally to the United States. Perhaps we are the visitors and they are just returning home.

Best Female Actor Award: Nancy Pelosi for portraying Nancy Pelosi. But, in reality is the character 2 -face from the Batman Series. How so? Pelosi supports same sex-marriage (to each his or her own); yet she is a devout Catholic who stated that she has the support of the Catholic church in backing her on her same-sex marriage stance. Really? Also, she states that she supports reform or the legalization of marijuana  for medicinal use of course; yet I have yet to see her in support of research and clinical trials on the state or federal level to aid in the progression of its use for medicinal purposes.

Best Male Supporting Actor Award: Mike Pence for his role as the supporting Vice President to the woefully under performing boss. It’s almost like he is waiting to jump ship or waiting to prove that he can do a better job. He looks like he knows something that he’s not telling. And we all know that the V.P. knows all about hiding secrets. Remember there was that whole campaign money and mortgage fiasco that Mike Pence avoided.

Best Female Supporting Actor Award: Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She wins this award hands down because she is from Hope, Arkansas. Enough said. The last hopeful we had from Arkansas…well let’s just say that he fooled a lot of us and he played the part well. However in her defense, Sarah takes more heat due to her boss actions than the planet Mercury does from the Sun. However each time she’s in front of the camera she puts on the bravest of faces.  Well almost always. I guess it true of the cliche that is said; act the part be the part.

Well this concludes the winners in the major categories for 2019 Allmanstuffincluded Awards. Keep your eyes open for the complete listing of winners which will be released in a later post. If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.




Sneakers for a Sneaky Snickers Bar Eater…I’m Guilty as Charged

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To say that I have a sweet tooth is a under-statement. My favorite dessert is banana-pudding. And I am not talking about any old banana-pudding either. I’m talking about the kind that divides family members during the holiday. Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Well maybe you haven’t had that level of banana pudding. I’m talking about the kind that you place a line around the bowl to indicate whether someone has been eating “your banana pudding.” Doesn’t matter who the culprit is. I’m sorry sister, brother, niece, nephew, or little baby, but this is a personal banana-pudding. As you can see I can go on and on about banana-pudding and my selfishness; however the banana pudding is not what has been causing me issues at the gym. It’s those dan gone Hershey kisses and Snicker bars; mainly the latter. And it seems my students know exactly what to sell during the fund raisers.

I run on average about 11-13 miles a week on the treadmill faithfully. Now to be honest there are days that I don’t go because of obligations or just because, well I just don’t feel like it. But for the most part, I am put in work at Anytime Fitness gym. I really look forward to my workouts. It really has become a lifestyle thing for me. You see how those statements and declarations seem to effortlessly come across the screen. While that may be the case; guys I struggle at times. I eat healthy enough. Chicken breast twice a day with a green veggie and usually a sweet potato. Oh and not to mention the many glasses of water and absence of soda. Guys I am really good at this whole thing. Its just those dan gone Snickers and Hershey kisses. It’s as if they seem to know when I am trying to lose the last little (well maybe not little ) fat and love handles around my belly. Then bam, just when I thought I was out, they bring me back in. But tonight…tonight the sneaking of the Snickers almost got the best of me.

There was honestly a moment when I almost hit the stop button on the treadmill way before the 2 ½ mile mark; I seriously was about to just say screw this and walk out. But I thought to myself  I am a Marine Corp veteran. 1 mile no sweat. 2 miles ain’t ….(you get the picture. However it was at this moment when those Snicker bars and Hersey kisses started their own workout plan. I want bore you with the details; just know I finished my workout without too much of an issue. Reason being, because I have made up in my mind that if I am big and bold enough to eat Snicker and Hershey kisses throughout the day at the rate I eat them; then there is no need to complain when the treadmill and every other piece of equipment starts to fight back. So to all my sneaky snickers eaters eat up. Just have your Sneakers on standby.



Kyler Murray…Charlie Ward in Reverse

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For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time; I am a longtime supporter and fan of all thing sports and athletics. As a former High School coach on of my philosophy is “keeping the body in shape is just as important as keeping the mind sharp”. I am a loyal fan of the teams that I like to follow. Heck I’ll take even take it a step further; if the team playing any sporting event comes from out of the great state of Georgia, yep you guessed it, I’m rooting for the home state’s team. The Falcons, The Hawks, The Braves, The Thrasher (when they were in state) and last but definitely not least the reigning 2018 MLS Champions Atlanta United FC. Perhaps the reason that I love the teams from my state so much is because it seems that no matter how talented our teams are (championship seasons included); we always seem to be fighting from the position of the underdog. The one exception being High School Football. Shout out to the GHSA; the finest high school sports governing body in all the United State of America. The great state of Georgia has produced some of the finest athletes who were coached by some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected coaches. And while I will not write about the accolades in this post, as it would take to much time and research (I must go to the gym before all the newbies show up with the New Year’s health resolutions), there is one athlete that I would like to make mention. That athlete is Charlie Ward.


Some may ask; Charlie who? Well I’ll tell you. Think Mike Vick before there was the “Mike Vick” experience. Think Lamar Jackson before there was a “Lamar Jackson”. Think of any of your dual threat quarterbacks with blazing speed and add any other intangible; then you may have an idea of who Charlie Ward was. Not only is he a Heisman Trophy Award winning quarterback, he also showcased his talent on the hardwood court for the Florida State Seminoles (don’t ask me how we let him get out of state). Oh, did I forget to mention that he was also drafted by a Major League Baseball  even though he did not pitch one inning in college. In short order; he was the truth. So why don’t we hear about him the NFL. Well that’s an answer that is tied up in speculations as well as maybe and ifs. Some say that he was too small in stature; even though he was about 6’2”. Others say that even though he had a more than stellar collegiate career, he was more than likely a 3-5 round draft pick. My have things changed. Whatever the reason for his decision to not enter the NFL draft; the decision proved to be the correct decision. Ward played a decade in the NBA, after being selected in the 1st round by the New York Knicks. So how does this tie in Kyler Murray.


I watched this year’s College Playoffs. One game in particular that garnered as much excitement as any of the other game was the game between the high flying offense of the Oklahoma Sooners versus the vaunted Nick Saban coached Alabama Crimson Tide. I watched the as…well let’s not conjure up bad memories for my potential and current Sooner fans. To make a long story short, this was a collegiate defense with some NFL talent. Now imagine for a second the duress Kyler Murray would have been under facing 11 NFL athletes. Am I suggesting that he would not be able to handle the pressure if he indeeds goes through with his current decision to enter the NFL; I would be foolish to bet against Kyler Murray. He has proven his mettle in the game of football and has earned the most prestigious award in College Football; the Heisman Trophy. Which is my point. Unless there is fully guaranteed money that matches or exceeds his current MLB contract; think Charlie Ward. Wait that’s right the NFL does not do guaranteed contracts. Think Leonard Fournette. Kyler Murray you have proven that you have what it takes to do play this game on one of the biggest stages. We enjoyed your thrills and your highlights but now it is time to think longevity and prosperity. An example has been set before you. Thank Charlie Ward.