Is there a right and a wrong way to host a Playoff Party…Well duh!

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First and foremost, let me go ahead and say that as a person who has hosted a few get togethers and parties, that I have been on both sides of the spectrum. Yes, I have had some memorable gatherings. When I say memorable, lets just say there are things that I actually don’t remember as well as things that I will plead the fifth to. However, there have been times when I wanted so desperately to play the Martin role and tell everybody to “get to stepping!” But cooler heads prevailed and the realization that libations end up causing aggravation allowed for a relatively cool ending. To be honest, even with the occurrences of those less than desired gatherings, I thought that they were pretty cool. That is until I witnessed firsthand how a party is supposed to be thrown and hosted. So in the season of NFL playoffs and the Superbowl, with its enumerable parties globally; is there really a proper way to host a Playoff/Superbowl Party?

So, when was the first time that I was enlightened on how to an actually “host” a Playoff Party? To be honest, it wasn’t even a Playoff Party, it was just a gathering of friends and associates to celebrate the good life. The two lovely hosts, which I won’t name, should in all due respect write a manual on the do’s and don’ts of hosting parties. I mean, to use words like classy, epic, and monumental would be a vast understatement to describe the level of thought put into the party. It was as if each person who was invited, both personal likes and tastes for libations and foods, was in abundance without even having to ask. Another thing that I noticed, which was most impressive, was the ambiance given off from the moment of entry into the party. The vibe was both inviting and it felt as if the hosts’ home belonged to everyone. This was in fact the true definition of “Mi casa Su casa.” And last, but certainly not least, was the care given to each person throughout the party’s duration to ensure a great time and a safe return to each perspective individual’s home. Which for the most part, the latter is not always high on the list of priority of the host or hosts. Which to this very day, I am glad they took this into consideration because I really did enjoy myself. Well at least that is what I was told.

Thoughtful food and beverage choice, inviting ambiance, and genuine care for the guests of the party were all the things that I felt made this event one that I both thoroughly enjoyed and have tried to pattern all my events as well as future events after. While these are just a few of the things to ensure a quality Playoff/Superbowl Party; what are some things that you will be doing to ensure that your guests find your party one to remember?


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