Monumental Walls Disguised by Faux Promises of Safety: The New Berlin?

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A couple of years ago I a wrote small article discussing President Trump’s visit to Nashville, Tennessee to lay a wreath at the gravesite of former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson in honor of his 250th birthday. Which at the time I didn’t think was a wise move for a President that was trying to gain the trust of a diverse nation who was split down the middle in their opinion of him; a sentiment that I still stand by today. But hey, who am I? I am sure his Public Relations team advised him on the possible fallout of such a visit in hopes that he would most certainly listen. That’s a joke people.  Of course, this was during the time when cities across the country were moving statues of notable Confederate figures from The Civil War Era. Now again, I will not get into the background of the former President, just note that he was not the most popular figure when it came to doing things in a humane manner. His most notable atrocity was being the architect of the infamous Trail of Tears.  However, I do want to point out that a few months after the visit, President Trump took to Twitter to let the whole world know that he was deeply upset at the decisions to remove the statues of such notable Confederate Civil War figures. Was I shocked? Not in the least and I will you why.

As a self-proclaimed history buff, one of the things that I have always found amazing is the desire of men and women of power to leave an edifice to show the world their accomplishments. Whether the statues were built during Antiquity or during modern time; humans’ zest for leaving towering structures behind to show future generation they were here has been going on for ages. And to be quite honest, though I find it to be a bit egotistical, there is nothing wrong with that when it is not done under false pretense. The problem arises when these edifices are erected at the expense of humanity under the guise of being a just cause. Which I feel is what the current President is parading this “Wall” under. And being the self-proclaimed history buff that I am, and a bit of realist, what goes up will and must come down. No? Well there once was this wall in Berlin…but I digress. Now before someone admonishes me for not noting that The Berlin Wall divided a country on the basis of political beliefs; let me remind you that I told you I am a history buff. So let it be dully noted that I concur. However, one would have to be either extremely naïve or unrealistic to not realize that the country of Mexico in some many ways is as American as America. But then that statement and topic is for another post and one that I will address in the future. So the question then becomes why build the Wall?

To answer this one would just have to look back at the tweets from the President concerning his disdain for the removal of certain structures throughout the south. Of whose mere visual gave a daily reminder to the ancestors of the victims of the tragic history of slavery and human suffering in the United States. This in many ways seem to be an attempt to erect a monument that will be historic yet a testament and a daily reminder that there will always be a division between those seeking help from those who have the resources yet refuse to help. Yes, in a perfect world that reason behind the building of  the wall would be fine. At least then one could try and analyze it and come up with an answer to solve this way of thinking. However, this is not a perfect world; we all know that. But we are also aware that those seeking entry into the United States, legally or illegally, are not rapist, drug dealers, or savages; they are our neighbors looking for safety and not under false pretenses. Again, in a perfect world this would all be so simple. And yet it can be if we are willing…that’s if we are willing. If not then I have a suggestion; strike those hollowed words from Lady Liberty which welcomes the tired, poor, and wretched. Perhaps take it step further, remove the whole statue and in return; replace it with a Wall. Eureka!



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