Words of Wisdom from The Wire

Image result for do you or you don't I have someplace to be the wire

I can’t even lie. Perhaps the greatest piece of written literature manifested in the form of motion visual aid has to be The Wire. In laymen terms, “this was an awesome damn show.” From the storylines, the amazing actors, and the videography of one America’s greatest old cities; this series has to go down as a testament to the old cliché that life imitates art. Or is it that art imitates life? Wait we will come back to that cliché and maybe it’s origins later on, but for now back to heaping praises on one of my favorite television series in all the history of all television series. One of the things that I delayed to mention, which is what I think sets the series apart, is the dialogue which the writers of the show did a great job in accomplishing. With The Wire’s many witty, truthful, and thought provoking monologues and bantering between both gangsters and lawman alike; this show had to be the crème de la crème at that time because it’s equal has yet to be created. Okay, enough of the praise. Let’s get to the title and oh yeah, the aforementioned cliché of art and life.

One line that seems to constantly resonate in my thoughts and why I choose to apply it to my interactions both socially and professionally is: “do it or you don’t, I got some place to be.” Nothing sophisticated or too creative, just a brutally honest statement. And when I say brutally honest, I mean just that (be sure to check the above hyperlink and you will see what I mean). This is why you must tip your hat to greatness. Something so simple; yet so utterly profound made digestible and relatable by the use of visual aid. Again, in layman’s term: “this is one damn good line.” But why you might ask? Well allow me to retort.

See in life we often allow our purpose to be sidetracked and many times derailed by individuals who are just not on the same timetable we are on. And for whatever reasons, (sorrow, feeling of debt to an individual, or whatever the case) we succumb to the pressures of investing into our own stagnation and sometimes unfortunate demise. Which is why this statement is so poignant. We cannot let anyone dictate our passions, movements, or pursuit of happiness or success when they themselves are hesitant to aid or assistant in your endeavors. What you are doing essentially is assisting you in whooping your own ass. Which by the way is not an original quote from me but by Stanley Crouch in the PBS Documentary, Unforgivable Blackness. He explains the actions of the late great Jack Johnson in the boxing ring and his pugilistic and mental tactics to move obstacles out his way. Imagine the art and beauty in that. See even back then a decision had to be made in order to pursue your destiny. Either you do or don’t but I have some place to be. If these simple yet profound set of words become the epithet of your life, then it will not matter the order of the cliché of life and art.


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