Hope you guys are having a great day. Thanks for following the poetic story line. I’m experimenting each day. This piece is called
“LESSON LEARNED TODAY, WELL MAYBE.” #scotthall #spokenwords #positvepoetry

“Gigi the fish keep on getting off my hook, I ain’t gonna never catch anythang.”/

Sweat and frustration showed on the youth’s face, silently signaling the question, why is that he came. /

Despite his aggravation and his apparent wanting to give up and leave, /

the old lady knew better. This was a teachable moment to help strengthen the youth’s creed. /

She spoke softly. She spoke with wisdom. Without one ounce of bitterness. /

“You have to be patient. You have to be still. You have to be quiet. Somehow the youth knew that this was more than just about fish. /

With youthful resolve, aided by wise words, the young boy sat still, quietly, and showed great patience and more. /

He pulled as hard as he could, the fish was hooked. He thought that he had it for sure. /

The bucket held only water as the young boy again baited his line. /

“Patience, Quietness, Stillness. Gigi, you think that it will work this time? /


Cyntoia Brown.


It’s been some time since I wrote something that has taken a toll on me. Especially from the perspective of just being human. Maya Angelou would often quote the phrase ” nothing human is foreign to me.” The treatment of Cyntoia Brown by the powers that be, by all accounts contradicts this quote. On my pages I have added a petition in case you want to act or get informed about Cyntoia Brown. In support of her I penned this piece “Brown.” #scotthall #spokenwords #positivepoetry

With the power invested in me I confer upon you an Associate’s Degree. /
Congrats. /
A silent applause. No family present to show appreciation at least. /
Inmate, you know the procedure. Please turn around and place your hands behind your back. /

The walk to the cell is a long one. Filled with some disbelief but mostly frustration, /
but I guess prison gave me some just due through educational rehabilitation. /
Yet the fact that I’m in here in the first place negates any chance of applying my degree’s proposed duty or occupation. /

13 years earlier

To the Naked eye it was an open and shut case. She seemed a vicious killer. /
But like everything in life, what is not written in lines, in between lies the truth. /
There is more than meets the eye. Like not recognizing that Optimus Prime is still an 18 wheeler. /

16, the age of youth personified. She was only 16. /
Should have been getting her driver’s license are daydreaming about her future. /
Yet the circumstances that she was born into…had her doing adult things….Lord she was only 16. /
But the media or paper doesn’t lie, right? She has to be guilty for sure. /

Present Day

With the power invested in me I confer upon you a Bachelor’s Degree. /
Congrats. /
You are an inspiration to so many, plus you are model prisoner. But you are a long way from being free./
I just hope that when you get released at the age of 69 that you don’t get out and relapse. /

The walk to the cell is a solemn one. Not filled so much with frustration now just utter disbelief. /
It’s been 14 years since my 16 year old clouded and malnourished mind acted off stimuli. /
Out of the perceived threat of bodily violence, I acted. /
And for a split second, I must have thought that I was a human being again. Despite being sold from man to man. On my back I was forced to lie. /
Lie for profits that I was never going to see. Lie and say I’m ok even though most in my shoes would want to die. /
Now I lay here daily in a bed that should have never been my own. /
Why lies are continued to be told in court to justify that I, who was only 16, should be judged as if I was grown./

Me Earnestly Speaking

As if her last name gave refrain from justice that she has not been given.

Cyntoia Brown has been wasting away somewhere in a Tennessee prison.

Cries of injustice have been levied at Lady Liberty by many people, from coarse to refined.

However the cries and pleas have gone unanswered. We had it wrong all these years, the lady of liberty must be both deaf and blind.



I try my best not to write about the negativity that has so become the norm, but sometimes it seems as if we are just picked to be the test dummies for how much one group can take. I question this often. I wrote this piece out of frustration and anger, never hate though. It’s called Really? #spokenwords #positvepoetry #scotthall

Hold on Mr. Officer, I’m just trying to catch the train/
I mean, I barely saw the lines, can’t you blame it on the rain/
Besides, these hard bottoms cost me a handsome ransom/
And my shoes can’t be busted when my face stays so handsome/
Now you writing me a ticket but skipped the cars double parking/
What you getting exercise on ticketing me for jay walking/
No disrespect, I’m just saying that I’m the least of your concern/
I contribute to society, I make children want to learn/
To the matter at hand, I am wrong, absolutely/
But your hand is on your holster like you contemplating shooting/
Now you got me agitated and I feel I’m about to lose it/
He said its standard operating procedure and I thought you people are use to it/

Hold on Miss lady, this is really where I live/
I got off work a little early so I decided to take a swim/
And you probably never see me, my job requires long hours/
Thought I’d take a dip in the pool after a long hot shower/
Wait, why am I explaining, are you part of management/
And if so, then you really need to try and know who are your residents/
No, just pool patrol, are you freaking kidding me/
So you just sit around the pool questioning folks who look like me/
She said no, I just tattle on those who dont seem right/
It’s not my fault that most of those just happen not to be white/

Sir and Mrs. I’m so sorry for the lost of your son/
But from the way the moonlight was shining my rookie thought it was a gun/
However, you can clearly hear him telling your son not to run/
And if he would have just listen, then you’d have no reason to mourn/
Profiling, quick trigger dialing, and no empathy from those in this piece/
It’s just more of the same shenanigans that some refuse to see/
Sure it comes across the screen or might make the evening news/
But if it’s not happening to you, it’s not alarming, hit snooze/
However I recall wise words from a KING/
To those who remain silent to the evil they’ve seen/
Might as well become every Zimmerman and white supremacist in between/
Of course I’m paraphrasing but I hope you get the picture/
Because if we don’t weed out these culprits then we might as well be the victim/
But then I guess it’s all the same, especially if the shoes fit/
Maybe the cop wasnt lying when he said that we use to it/