Good Sunday morning family hope you are having a great day so far. I just thought I would enlighten you guys on a issue I was thinking about with a poetic twist. Its called The Wall.

The wall

Either we all sink or swim in this battle for humanity/
Right now we all fish out of the water bordering on calamity/
On this holy day of the week I’m compelled to drop a few lines/
Just a trip through the bible back to biblical times.
I’m reminded of a certain wall built to kept out those who believed in the most high/
You know those who followed the living God and pledged sovereignty until the die they would die.
To shorten up the story but with no intentions of disrespect/
In 7 days that wall crumbled to the earth and there was not one use of a special effect.
No hammer, no C4 not even a battering ram/
Jousha had something more powerful on his side a horn and most important he had the great I AM.
So when I hear talk about a wall and listen to those who would agree/
Especially from the one who have a history of oppression and look like me/
I implore you to think long and hard and look in our own backyard/
We have been stuck behind walls for centuries and we too worship the living God.
He would not have us to be ignorant and show no empathy for our fellow man/
Because there just might be another Noah preparing a vessel for the ending of dry land.

Scott Hall


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