Marked Men

I guess we’re marked men marganilized by the establishment /
Cause we don’t parade street sentiments our mommies wasnt having it.
In the house before the streets lights came on was the habit/
Wouldn’t no excuses for missed curfew you gotta go live with you daddy.
I was Tre before Cuba I didn’t have Che Guevara/
My brother is Mikel a soul that I forever will treasure.
So the bond of brotherhood was limited just to us/
Sure I gotta couple partners but very few dudes I can trust.
This is a fact shared by many men of color so sad but true/
Put our trust in a man who not for one day ever loved you.
And I know this can’t be it but, they got us in a hangover with no sign of detox /
Three times suppose to be the charm but it’s seems they got us Bangkoked.



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