To Be Liked Or To Be Like? That Is The Question


Remember as a kid you may have asked you mother or parents to do something with some friends that you knew was very close to the realm of their acceptance. This is when you started to test the waters a little to see if you could slide one over on them. The response would be swift and very to the point. “So if your friends were going to jump off the bridge, would you do it too?” It was at this time that you knew that you were being out foxed by a master manipulator/s. They knew that you did not want to die, but they also knew that they hadn’t taken you to one swim class. Heck a lot of my friends did not get to the beach until they were grown and still want let the water get pass their ankles as adults when they go the ocean. It was evident then that the risk of being a follower was not worth the reward. This certainly is not the case it seems today, and here is the kicker, the ones jumping off that proverbial bridge are adults.

There are countless times where I am on a blog site or on some social media outlet and I see an adult who you has decided to do something that you know from their upbringing they were not built for or taught to do, all for the purpose to get a like for social media. There was even some song or ditty made for this very buffoonery called “Do it for the gram.” I promise you I witnessed more craziness during this fad, than I wish to remember. To be honest with you, I don’t have to remember because this is still going on to this very second. I have a great friend of mine who posted something interesting on a timeline, and to paraphrase he was questioning why do some wait until they get adult hood to become the most gangster, ratchet, and socially unconscious. Is not this the time when we supposed to be somewhat enlighten? But I know that this is not always the case, so I will see assume we are supposed to have grown from our mistakes or matured, right?

Evidently I am wrong or some of have learned to swim really well or we have become dare devils. Because our actions are not matching our age and I will not dare say that some of us are immature, so what is the reason? Which is more important to be like someone (someone positive of course) or be liked by people? You see this is the question that we have to ask ourselves before we set out on our quest each day. Do I want to be a social media stars and “do it for the gram,” or is what I am projecting for the world to see, truly who I am or aspire to be.

There are so many people who have blazed a path of success for us that we are blessed not to have to step on the same land mines. Those individuals who went before us has done this work already. But for some reasons, a lot of us choose to walk right into them for either experience or to get a reaction from others in the form of a like button. So today, I want us to think about what it is we are doing and why we are doing it, and most importantly; who are we doing it for. Because if you are not doing it for productivity, that bridge that you chose to  not to jump off of as a kid, is probably still there waiting on you.This is just a public service announcement.

Question: Which is better, to be liked or to be like….?




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