So wait a minute…my ancestors were not slaves, but immigrants. OK, that explains everything.

Ben-Carson-Reuters-and-Barack-Obama-AP-640x480And to think after 13 years of going to school in The United States of America which included 11 years of History, and after watching 12 years a slave along with the countless number of other historical movies, I thought I had the whole concept of my ancestor’s forced entrance into slavery understood. I mean it was quite clear to me that Alex Haley, in his word renowned book Roots, had thoroughly done his research on the origin of his ancestors’ abduction by the hands of foreigners and stole away from their home. Harriet Jacobs’s account of being a slave in her book titled, Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl, sure did sound truthful. Again even the movie, 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup, though set after the slaves had been on the auction block, seemed pretty convincing to me. It certainly did not seem to me that the slaves were begging to be slaves. But I’ll get back to that in a few.

Do you know how smart a person has to be in order to be a neurosurgeon? I don’t either. But what I do know is that if you google you can definitely find out what it takes to become one. Or you may even take the more risker rout and stay at a certain hotel and wake up the next day and become one. This has me thinking that perhaps this is what our new United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development did on the topic concerning the atrocious nature and origin of American slavery. Because let’s be honest, there is no way that a man  who is a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery could be as uneducated on a topic, which by the way deals with his ancestry, can be that naïve or uniformed on the topic. I hope that my Ben Carson supporters continue to read, trust he is fairing somewhat better than his boss.

If you haven’t heard, Carson referred to slaves as “immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.” I mean there are so many levels of wrongness to this, it is almost hard to determine where to start. So I guess I’ll start at the bottom of the ship. Slaves were taken from their home and stuffed in the bottom of ships for transport across the Atlantic into the New World. Now I don’t know much about loading ships, even though as Marine Corp veteran, I have seen my share of the belly of Naval Vessels and the fits are very tight in order to utilize as much space as possible. This area is called the cargo area. One might ask why it is called the cargo area. Well, because the items stored in the cargo area is called cargo. Things like Humvees, smaller water vessels, all things military related. Humans are not considered cargo and are not carried as such. I think federal, state, and naval laws and statutes consider this as human trafficking which are chargeable offenses by the individuals who condone and participates in these affairs. Well that is unless you are the Secretary Carson, then those individuals are called “immigrants.” And the differences between a slave and an immigrant is as clear as night and day. Immigrants come voluntary, usually fleeing extreme circumstances to find a better way of life. American slaves were taken from their own land to way of life that beyond extreme and the term difficult is not sufficient. The idea that they ink out a life for themselves were the furthest thing from the slave or slave captor.

Why so hard on Dr. Carson? Well, because for whom much is given much is required. Dr. Carson ability master his trade of being a neurosurgeon means that he is very intelligent and to make offensive and inconsiderate remark are unacceptable. His standing in society on a world stage does not afford him the opportunity to make a gaffe. Especially when it is a subject that is being erased from the history books on purpose but its effects are still resonating today; effecting the descendants of the slave owners and affecting the descendants of the slaves. Dr. Carson if you can’t see this then perhaps I can recommend to a friend of mine that works in the steel mill. He is not optometrist but he has the hookup at the certain hotel I mentioned earlier. Maybe there’s another room, I’ll tell him to leave the light on for you.

Question: Was this a mistake on the part of Dr. Carson that should be ignored? Has there been an overreaction to Dr. Carson comments?







2 thoughts on “So wait a minute…my ancestors were not slaves, but immigrants. OK, that explains everything.

  1. He absolutely made a mistake speaking on something and not knowing nor havin facts to back that nonsense up. But our ancestors were both slaves and immigrants! The difference in that is, they were immigrants within the United States. Fleeing from the cruel punishment of African American’s from the south and migrating to the north. Underground Railroad’s And That Such. Some would say that our ancestors should’ve stayed and fought for the south instead of running. Some stayed and defended the land and people like Ben Carson left, headed for Boston!!

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    • That is so true. The slaves that turned immigrants. The crazy part about is that as you say they were all one in the same, just at different times. Man the plight of our ancestors is one that we should forever cherish and never take for granted.


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