Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t: But for my son I will.


If you have been following my blogs you would know that I am taking a chance with the language in the title because I truly don’t know nor have I tried to figure out if WordPress censor their writings. I guess we, while not we, but I will find out later. The words that so boldly preclude my blog post on this screen in the form of a title, as a child would so boldly and usually frustratingly fly out of the mouth of many adults who found themselves in the proverbial rock and a hard place. It was as if they knew that the choices that they were left with were both bad, wait a minute here, were the people who were in these rock and hard places really time travelers trying to warn me about something they saw in the year 2016 that caused social unrest, provide great comedic material, while rendering voters helpless as many scratch their heads while putting a X by a name while their eyes were close and say “Damn if I do………well you get the picture.

Hold your horses’ ladies and gents I promise no bashing of the political kind this blog, not this post, yet there is cause for a little chiding if I may. Recently a young man in high school basketball scores a mind boggling 92 points in a game. His stat line was proficient as he shot over 50% from the field and in the 4th quarter alone he scored 41. What is more impressive is that his team won the game and his teammates were actually happy for him. Meanwhile his older brother, who is only a freshman at a top tier college program, is considered by many sport experts as a lock for first pick in this year’s NBA draft. Wow. Here’s the other thing, they have another brother who often gets lost in the shuffle who is just as talented. If these kids play their cards right, we could very well have 3 brothers playing in the league in a matter of 2-3 years. Once again the NBA hits the jackpot. Well I want be that cynical; NBA fans also hit the jackpot from a pure entertainment standpoint. Can you imagine the ticket prices when these kids face off against each other, astronomical? Perhaps a few dollars more than the astronomical prices being charged for a ticket today. I digress. This is not bash the NBA night, no not the NBA but a certain NBA expert. I’ll get back to that in oh about 150 words, give or take.

These kids again are phenomenal, and upon hearing of their success,  the first feeling I had was one of pride because I know that like so many of our other great athletes using sports as a mean to escape their conditions, they had to have come up hard without a father figure in their life. You know momma having to scratch tooth and nail to get because their father……..hold up this is not the case with these young men. Enter Mr. LaVar Ball. Proud father, loving father, committed father, and oh did I mention the word father who every chance he gets screams the accolades and success that his sons accomplish each time they do. So much so that a certain NBA expert, I want name his name but let’s just say his name indicates that he is the son of a Smith, finds reason to tell these gifted brothers’ father to “shut-up.” Bashing or admonishing to begin in 3, 2, 1.

Ok, first lets begin by saying that to tell a man to “shut-up” (even though he was not in Mr. Ball presence) is kid of childish in so much that it needs to written in as a man law violation, at least honorable mention. You ask the reason for this request of silence. Because said expert (no name will be used for reasons of legality, I don’t know how  WordPress role with their writers yet)  claims that it may put his son, a la the son in college not the one in high school, in the spotlight. The kid plays at one of the most historic and prestigious university in the history of college sports, I think he is used to the spotlight by now. Besides as a father of a son, my son is a son of a Hall, I would rather much rather have my son staring back at that spotlight than the spotlight of a policeman flashlight or even worse an EMT personal shining a spotlight in his eyes to determine if he is alive or dead. See here is where I find it amusing and both sad. There have been much written and statistics given about the number of Black athletes playing professionally who come from fatherless (or as it has been referred to now, single parent homes) who have issues  with figures of authority, which make them a risk for the owners of franchises. To put his is working men terms, it makes us unemployable. To give credit to Mr. Ball and his sons I am glad that they have hurdled or more basketball appropriate, leapt over those statistics. I absolute love to see fathers show the world that they are their children and in this case sons number one supporter. As a matter of fact I get tired of hearing that many of our black athletes having to go to college to find a father figure because their biological was not around.

What’s the issue with that one may ask? Well nothing if you chose to ignore that the overwhelming majority of the owners and head coaches in two of the major professional sports are white and the majority of the players in those two major professional sports are black. Who is your daddy now? Hence my issue with this NBA expert. You have a father who bucks the stereotypical great players’ family background dynamic and is not just present but also very active and you ask him to remain silent. Yet when the father of our gifted athletes are not around, statistics and research is done to explain this phenomenon while the new found father figure gets the praise. So I say no to that (in my Denzil Washington voice, not Training Day but John Q), I reject your request on behalf of Mr. Ball. In fact Mr. Ball shout, scream, poke out your chest, do it for the fathers who wanted to be there but because of factors that were put in place by powers that be to ensure they wouldn’t be there for their sons and daughter……ok, ok I’ll stop because this is not that type of blog.

See son of a Smith, when you ask a father like Mr. Ball to “shut-up” you put him between a rock and a hard place. Does he change to make others who feel uncomfortable or perhaps not used to seeing a Mr. Ball around more at ease. Or does he do what he has been doing since…well strike that…continue to do what he has been doing because he is their father. When you tell the likes of Mr. Ball to “shut-up”we become  damned if we do or damned if don’t. But in the end I think the fathers of the world really don’t give a D$$N.

Question: Did the NBA expert go overboard or does he have a solid point in this matter?









6 thoughts on “Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t: But for my son I will.

  1. Absolutely the so called expert went to far bro. I think it’s crazy to tell a proud father to be just a little happy for your kids success. That’s like telling your child it’s normal to come in second. No, as parents we want the best for our kids and practicing to come in second is ludicrous. So yeah bro, my thoughts on that expert can not be said on this blog lol… But enjoy your work, keep it up King!!


  2. Expert on sports, not so much in etiquette. His son may be a bum. Or he doesn’t have one. Fathers be proud of your sons. Show them off to the world. Black men stand up!

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