Plato, My Brother?

Good evening. Earlier today I was thinking about what to blog about to my men and women (again, yes ladies you can visit and comment on allmanstuffincluded) and my thoughts were going in several directions. My first thought was that I had already discussed both sports and health on the site so I couldn’t go in either of those two directions, so they were out of the question. My second thought was that I did not want to blog about anything heavy either, you know politics, well not really because the landscape of our political system is about as funny as watching people fall on ice during the winter months while trying to ice skate, in Ga, at an ice rink, where the ice and snow is imported. The funny part of it is that the people actually pay to fall and we get to watch it for free. Laugh on world, laugh on.  Ok, so what I went back on my word about writing about politics, you have to admit these guys laughing do look like they are having fun.

Where was I…yes what to blog about? So no politics, no sports, or no health blogs. Well the only thing left to do on a Friday where I am from is to….yep you guessed it fish fry. But I mean who really want to read a blog about the symphonic movement and detailed preparation it takes to ensure that the fish comes out golden brown and good enough to slap your momma. Are you hungry yet? I am so this blog will more than likely be short, well maybe not because my one year younger, yet slightly larger brother said he is going to read this blog. Speaking of my brother, it was my brother who kind of pushed me into the blog topic I chose tonight. Earlier today I was thinking about what to blog about to my men and women….wait a minute I already typed that. It must be the fish that my mind is thinking about as I type this.

I called my brother and told him about my blog site and I asked him what should I blog about, my suggestion to him was maybe grilling, you know something manly and not heavy on the reader. Just when you think you have a person figured out. 35 years I have been knowing this guy, and without so much as a few arguments between us, I figured he would be asking me jot down information about how to marinate a nice steak. No, instead he goes all Plato on me and tells me to blog about books. BOOKS, he says. Last time I checked, you can’t grill books, not even the pages of books. Well there was this time I did see a friend of mine roll…wait is WordPress censored. Fine time to ask since I did just do a number on the political status of our country. I think I am good on that since our Command in Chief is not that fond of the press or is it just the television news media.

What book is that might I ask brother? My brother proceeds to tell me that he not only have become an avid reader of some heavy hitters, but he also has started to use meditation.  My brother and I talked about books and how mediation has helped him become more centered and clearer with his decision making and interaction with others for almost one hour. Somewhere in this conversation we discussed the book he was reading and why it is that I should blog about something educational instead something like cooking. Ok brother I heard you then and I think I heard you now subconsciously questioning if whether or not his older brother was really an English teacher or a food junkie who thinks only about fried fish and barbecue.

So on behalf of my intelligent brother who is somewhere probably mediating or lecturing some college professors on the importance of meditation and concentration. Perhaps even the brass of a few of the professional football teams in the great state of Texas are in attendance, I hear that there are some tough decisions quickly approaching that will have to be answered. Question: What are the most influential books you have ever read in your life? What are some current books that you would recommend that will improve and impact our readers’ life? Oh if you were wondering what was the name of the book my brother was reading it was entitled The Seventh Son. Well as for his brother, I better go and check the grill so I do not burn the salmon. At least it’s not fried.



3 thoughts on “Plato, My Brother?

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  2. Great blog bro, you’re doing exceptionally well at this which I knew you would. This is great, and I look forward everyday to coming to this blog site to get very great insight on your perspectives of topic.


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